Friday, 1 May 2009

THE visit of mon BON ami AGLIE!!!

Mes amis, mon bon ami Aglie a visit most magnifique had but alas he had to leave on teh 29th -- this, it one day later than planed it was and Aglei he to leave did not. Alas, he business most pressing elsewhere had, and he it could not off put, even for his bon ami teh geynius Mjrwose.

Alas, even with searching most extensive trhough teh vaults and libraries of Muirowes hes new hosue, we could not any real evidence of secret templar plot conspiracies findinate, so Mirise he had to a few more make up. OF course, Aglie he of these was most keen to hear. Mjorose he likes an auidence appreciative!!

The last night Agly he was here (Tuesday) we a dinner most magnifique had!!! Muirose, he Casuolet cookinated, and he several bottles of his collection of Romanée-Conti out got for us to drinkinate - teh 1908, 1918, 1928, 1948, 1958, 1968, 1978, 1998, and 2008 -- YES it is correct Mirrose he thought it good to be would to a bottle for every decade drinkinate would! But ALAS! He teh 1988 had not did not have. ALSO teh 2008 it too young was. murose he should have it left wait. but even such a great geynius this did not knowinate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still, this it much good was. then Aglieu and Miurose, we a bottle of 1885 Château d'Yquem hadinate. THEN we to bed had to go- SUDDENLY tired!!!

Eh bien, it a good week was. AND in a few days, Mirrowse will for argentina to go to have to pack. This, it most excitign will be!! ESPECIALLY as Miroowes le genie will his bon amis M. Aglie & M. Garamond there get to meet again, at a secret meeting!!!!! Now he is to his cellar going to going to go, and a bottle of Beaujolais himself for to dirnk get. Routine, Routine, ROutine!!

Hmm... This wall.. Why does it sound hollow? Mirhyse, eh wonders What WOULD happen if he to press this ornamental carving would happen???

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