Thursday, 3 November 2011

Teh wines of Marhoses many estates,,,, and meeting AGLIE again

Oh noes... Mycroft, Moarhose's non-geynius brohter, just ranginated to remind Merice taht he has yet to harvest his wineyard in both his Italian and Spainish estates... Oh noes! Waht to do? Muarhose wonderinates if it is too late to teh harvest saveinate.

Muarrhose also grudgingly rembers taht last thyme he made whine (in 2009, Muarrhose compeletely forgotted about teh vintage in 2010) Agliey also a bit helpeded out. And , in a co-incedence , Uglié been getting back in contact wiht Moarose, wiht some storie about a nother Templar castel he wants help inwestigatinating. Mewrhyce had him a round for dinner on teh 31st, and it much well went.

So... Muarise is tihnking taht MAY BE, just MAY BE , he could get Agliê to help out wiht rescuing Morrhoesses whine harvest agian. Muarrhose will go to Italy first, tehn Spain. Tehn we can wisit tihs TEMPLAR CASTEL of Uglíe's. Mirhise hopes it good is. It better be.

Oh noes. Moarhose also rembered taht he still has teh whines he made in Italy in 2009 in barrel, redy to be bottled. He just forgotted to bottel tehm & sell tehm. May be Âglíè can wiht thihs also helpinate... hm... May be it was a spot of good luck taht he back in contact wiht Morhose got. Even thuogh tehy did not on good terms part.

Eh bien. Taht not wery "positive tihnking" is. And Morose, he likes to remain positive, focussed, calm & IN CONTROL. Tihs is much easy for him. He just has to remindinate himslef taht he teh gratest geynius in teh universe is, and tehn he much better feelinates. Tehre, its working already.

Eh bien., Teh dinner for Agly teh other day wented wery wery well. Morise took teh adwise of his brohter Mycroft, even thouhg he a lesser mind tahn Maeruse is, and did not server wegimite sandwitches for Aglie. Instaed, he made a wery nice meal wiht roast beef wiht a port reduction sauce. He even made an entree and a dessert!!!1! Of course, tehre many great whines were, including a '47 Cheval Blanc, taht one of Âgly's favourites is.

And Marhose is shure taht his trip wiht Aglei will go wery well, even though these trips never have prevwiously. This time will be diferentt. Muarhoise is shure it is. He has a wery good feeling abuot it.