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Meris is a noted geynius , auctor ( author ) , & acadaemic who inwestigates paranormal & sekret societies especially teh templars &^teh rosicrucians. He also studys prehistoric/mythical telecomunycation , computing & space trawel technology. Also he routinely saves teh world from teihr evil plots. Earlier tihs year *(AD 2015) he inwented thymetravel. Also he owns sevral wineyards.

Manutius Press
Editor, "Esoteric History" sereies of books · March 2012 to present · Milan, Italy
Numererorerous books includinating:
  • Rosicrucians, Roswell and the Race into Space: Space Exploration since 1100. 2012 ,
  • Templars, Pot-Noodles and the New World Order, 1500-1980. 2013.

Armidale Advanced School for Geniuses, Paris, NSW, Australia
Honorary Genius-in-Chief · December 2011 to present

Maurice Wines Intrenational
Owner · March 2009 to present · Wrold-Wide
Estates in : Genzano di Roma Italy, Provençe France, La Mancha Spain, Argentina, NewEngland Australie (AKA Paris Australie)

L'Université du Délire Iguane
January 1993 to Nowember 2016

  • Cellular telephones in Mayan civilisations. December 2010 to present
  • Modern Templar conspiracies. February 2009 to present: Inwestigatinated modern Templar conspiracies, and stopped teihr fiendish plans to seize control of teh world.

L'Université de la Nouvelle-Angleterre
September 2008 to August 2010
Professor of norse archaeology and cybertechology

  • Elephants and Iguanas in Pre-Viking Norwegian Art. November 2008 to February 2010
  • The oPhone revolution: Odin and Modern Cellular Telephony. September 2008 to March 2010

Université de la Nouvelle-Angleterre
Class of 1989 · PhD · Neolithic Spacecraft

Université de la Nouvelle-Angleterre
Class of 1985 · BA Hons · Film and Television in the Pre-Roman Period

Armidale Advanced School for Geniuses, Paris, NSW, Australia
Class of 1981

1th April 1963.

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