Wednesday, 15 April 2015

shorte update frrom Switzreland.

MES AMIS meàrise is enjoyinating switreland in fact he is in joying it mutch better tahn some othre nongeynius places he has so far wisited.

One raision he enjoyinates it so mutch is taht teh locals appreciate his grasp of SwissGerman! So many ohter places to withc Merise has been in teh past have not appreciated his grasp of teh locael laenguinge. Of cousre Méjeurise always spaeks teh ,local langue fluently but often it terns out taht teh locals don"t speek it at all, or not wery well, witch mutch confusinating & embarresing for all is. But , no , here in Switerlanzrd they it wery well speak.

EG Môrose is rite now in a caffe near his holidy apratment, and he asked teh cafe-tender-coffee-machine-operator-person for a coffee in Mürise his bestest Suiße-DEutsch: "Un cafe por favor," he saided. The cafe-owner-coffe-machine-operatior-cashregister-person was mutch impressed By morrises Deutch & said "Por supuesto, señor, que será de tres euros.". Porbably he evwen tho9gyut that Mjeriçe was a Local. YOU SEE, EVERY OHTER COUNTREY TO WITCH MWERWSE HAS BEEN, IT"S TAHT SIMPLE!!!?@!!!1!!&#^!!!

Eh bien. Taht not teh point is. Actually, no, it was.

Eh bien. Meriose is goingk to finish his coffee & go wisit some whineries. WISH HIM LUCK.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Maeurise in swiuTZerland

MES AMIS .... Moerise is holidayink in SUNNY SWITSERLAND, ahving driven here from Paris:

It a plaesent short 80 hour drive was & Maerise particularly enjotyed teh stopover in Seville.ANyway, taht not teh piont is. Teh point is taht Maérise is here in Switzreland on haeligday in teh plasent Swiss whine town of LA RIOJA, capitel of taht well known Swiss wine region ... which is named after teh town ... and is wery famous  ... called le VALAIS. Merise is drinking mutch of teh local wine "HUMAGNE ROUGE: (wich is called RIOJA CRIANZA here for some raison) ,, and it mutch giood is .

Merise ahd is birthday party here a few weeks ago (on the 3rd Avril -- just a few days after his Actual birthday!) and it mutch good was as both Agli`e and Mycroft were good enough to attendinate and we mutch werry good whine had including several bottles of teh "GRAN RISERVA" valais wine ,, as well as '82 Mouton Rotshchild (one of Mycroft"s favourites) & '78 ROmanee- CONTI (Mŵreis';s favorite)./

ANYWAY teh point is taht Meoerise is enjoyinating a holyday in a compeltely templar-free place for a bit. NEXT WEEK he gets back to inwestigating templars ... he inwestigated tehm all March till his magnifying glass, flashluight torch & pennywhistle were nearly worn out. But now he is kickinggg back and enjyoingating teh rolling hills of Switzrelanmd. This mroning Merise decided just to sit in his rented haeligday apratment and read teh paper & drink whine. TO morrow he might go for a stroll to a local whinery. and maybe wisit a caf'e for coffeee & lots of cake. And it mutch good is.

Màerise has much exicting to revel from his last month"s inwestigations .... he just needes thyme to write it all up in his ancient gothic letherbound vellum journal ... then transcribe it all to his MacBook PRO. MORE SOON.