Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Searching for EUROSTAR

Mes amis, Muirrowse again he lost is. He for le Eurostar looking is. He on a train to PARIS FRANCE for today is booked, and he from his hotel this morning set out and only then rembered that he did not where le Eurostar it is know wjhere it is locatatatinated. So he has been in circles around for many hours been walking. In CIRCLES, mes amis.

Eh bien, eventually he it will find. Then he to Paris will go. Then he a a Caterham 7 himself buy, and to Armidale France driveinate.

He looks forward to his home getting back too soon mes amis!!!1!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Mes amis, Murrosw he has in Londyn finally arrived. After his plain tickets to Paris having lostinated, he had to tickets home to Armidale France urgently book. But alas!! He could not any seats on any plane book until the 5th Januanuary!! This a disaster it was, mes amis! But my friends, Muirwose he soon found he could tickets to London book, and then the Eurostar to Paris get, and then when he there was he could another car buy and to Armidale France drivinate. Simple!!

Well, mes amis, we set out on teh 2nd January, and got to Londyn in the early hours of teh 3rd. Unfortunately heathrow airport it much busy was, and muirrowse his air craft it was kept in a holding pattern, flying back and forth, forth and back around Heathcliffe airport. THis it not good was! IT a TRAGEDIE was!!! THe world was being deprived of Muirose!!! He was so distraught that he could not finish his champagne!!!

Eh bien, the plane it a just little while to land had to wait. It landed about two (2) hours ago, and Mirrowse he just through Customs now has got. Well, he the EUROSTRAR tthat on which he himself was booked Miorooswse he seems to have missed. But MIRROHWSE is a GEYNIUS, and GEYNIUSES can do ANYTHING. He will himself back home soon get, mes amis, dont you wrorry about that!!