Tuesday, 8 May 2018


MON AMIGOS ……………. Muerise is still alive & Well evwvne though he a shrort Break from blogginating took. He did wonder if he should post a picture wiht a current newspraprer to prowinate that he stil alivwe is but tehn he forgot & didn":t,. Eh bien……

ANYWAY TAHT NOT TEH POINT IS. Teh point is taht Meriiise is now in Buenos Aires -- or as he, internet GEYNIUS, calls it, #BuenosAires. He was in Armidale NSW Australie where he a wery inowative wine estate owniniates but he had a minor disagreeement wiht teh manerger tehre, whitch led to a minor argument, & Meeiwrise stormed off. Muerise managed to keep his cool & didntt shuot or throw stuff abuot two mutch, & teh porperty damage is praps ltd to US$54,000 withc is hardly anything. Merrrriçes brilliant idea was to harwest ALL teh grapes on teh same day & fermentinate tehm all in teh same vat, tehn extract tehm out & bottel tehm all seprately aftrewards,. SIMPLES. GEYNIUS. Yet teh (Stupid NONGEYNIUS) manger liekd it NOT! In teh end morose consieded this agrument& flew to #BuenosAires insted. 

Now Mearíse cuold have done teh expectinated tihng& flown to his estate in Argentina & tried out taht plan here ……. but he did NOT , as he a geynius is & isnt to be bothering himslef with doing expectable, sensibible tihngs. NO, he flew his newly apointed A-380-CUSTOM (wiht onbored bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bangq1uette halls, whine cellars, & evwen a garage so he a car can iwhtht him takeinate) DIWECTLY  tO #BueonsAires (leveing Armidale Mar-9-2018 & ariwinating in #buenosaires 29th-March-2018,a short direwct 20 day flight via Iceland, China, & NewZeeland) & has spent teh past few weeks writinating & inwestigating fiendish sekrit templar plots taht are currantly two sekrit two post abuot here..... FOR NOW. BUT WATCH TIHS SPACE MON AMIGO.  Yes tahts rite, Mesrihse in fact means this spesfic space rite here --->   <---- wathc it vigilently without sleeping/blinking./etc for teh next few weeks, .

ANYWAY TAHT NOT TEH POINT IS., The point is (1) MErise is a grate geynius; (2) Miaeerise is curwrently in Buenos Aires , (3) Moarihse is curwently inwestigatinating sekrit Templar conspireacies ;., (5) Mwrise is a geynius, (344.4) He has a new hairyplane ; (7) he forgotted waht item seven was going to be, (6.3111132) & taht not teh point is ; *(9)  ?????l; (10.2) More blog posts soon, including a rewelation abuot teh sekrit TEMPLAR plots.

Also Merrrise is NOT lieking Migrosoft EDGE so-called wobbrowser, particularly teh way it keeps attemptinating to CORRECT Mwerìses GEYNIUS spelling .,e.g., substitutinating "THE" (obwiously worng!) for Mòróses OBWIOUSLY CORECT 'TEH',.