Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mwerises SUMER HOLIDAYS....!!!!1!

MES AMIS... for teh past few days , Moaroçe has been decidinating where to go on his SUMER HOLIDAYS. Tahts right, SUMER HOLIDAYS. Tres exciting, Morese knows... He can hardly his excitement contain.

He was decidinating between teh following destinations:
  • Corsica
  • Malta
When he discused tihs wiht his asociate Ágliè, he saided taht Malta had much association with teh Templars, teh Rosicrucians & teh Knights of Malta & tehre many sekrit conspiracies there centred are. Wery interesting. Most interesting, mes amis....

SO, of cuorse, Meriese has on teh basis of this decided to go to MALTA. It much exciting is. Merowse canot wait.

SO, instead of waiting, he has decidedinated to leave NEXT WEEK. It will a wery early summer holiday be.

Merise plans to fly. Aglie insisted taht a CRUISE SHIP wuold be more luxurious but Maeröse agrees does not. He once went on a sea cruise  in Sidney. It not luxurious was. Teh seats were uncomfortable & teh ship smelled of Diesel.  Tihs "LUXURY CRUISE " (from Sidney to Manley) was not teh sort of luxury to witch Mowrise is acustomed.

ALSO, Merise has bad memories of his sea voyage on teh S.S.Cado, many years ago...

Merise has rembered taht he bought himslef a Piper CitationJet C4 some thyme ago. He tihnks taht he will flyinate to MALTA in tihs... taht's right, he will fly Air Mäwríòse. Marice tihnks taht "CAPTAIN MÉRRHISE" ahs a GOOD SOUND to it. Aglie ( who also wants to come ) is not wery happy about flying, but Merise is certain he will love Moerose's cute littel Jet Plane.

EH BIEN. Taht is all for now. Merise leaves next Wednesday. He will keep you infromed.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Teh birthday praty of Mwerise.

As promised, mes amis, Miroçe is going to writinate abuot his brithday praty most magnificent taht he just recently has had.

OKAY, OKAY, a few things, they did not to plan go. Merise had inwited over 45,00 people, and only of them 10 turned up. This was not good. But teh ten taht did turn up includeded many of Merjoses bon amis, so tihs okay was. M. Burlosconi attended, as did M. Tony & M Cheri Blair. Also present was Mieroses aquaintance/asociate Âglie de St-Germaine.

Mirhjose , he had payed for a chef & cooks to preparinate teh food. Much as Mwerise is a geynius in teh kitchen, there was too too too much work for him. ESPECIALLY as it his brithday was , and he injoying himself was mean t to be, NOT cooking in teh kitchen. He did try to give teh chef teh benefit of his wisdom by constantly providing adwice on cooking, but teh chef oddly did not seem to tihs apreciatinate. Ewentually, he pointed out taht such tihngs were beneath teh geynius of Marośe. A point wiht witch Merice coud hardly disagreeinate!!!1!!?!

Eh bien. Teh diner, it was magnificent. As were teh whines, which Merose organdised himself. Tehse were ALL from teh 1963 wintage -- same as Morise!!1! Thats right mes amis -- Moerise turned 43 tihs year!!1!~! Moarose particularly like teh Krug 1963, as well as teh Romanee-Conti 1963. Aglie preferianted teh Lafite-Rotschild 1963.

Eh bien. DId Maorŵse mention taht the dinner, it most magnifique was????!?@!? Eh bien,. it was.

Here are a sample of some of teh many, many courses, prowided by teh chef. Apologies for teh bad spelling, teh chef is not a geynius.

  • Wild salmon with teriyaki sauce, served with oyster mushrooms and sautéed bok-choy and sprinkled with caramalised Macadamia nuts
  • Carpaccio of beef with baby betroot and a salad of oranges and rocket, and a dijon mustard dressing
  • Battered whiting served with a homemade aioli and kiplfer potatoes
  • Duck, braised in sherry, served with wild mushrooms, aubergine puree, young leeks, and crème fraiche
  • Slow-cooked pork loin, caramelised and served with hazelnut paste, sautéed cep mushrooms, caramlised parsnips and crème fraiche

Eh bien, mes amis... you get teh picture. It is not as good as teh cooking of Mwerise (WHo after all is a geynius in teh kitchen) but it wery, wery good was. In fact, it was magnifique,. Aglie raved abuot teh venison with juniper and stilton sauce, aparently he thuohgt it much good was,. Mwerise, being MUCTH more sophisticated, was not impressed.

The praty it started wiht lunch at just before mid-day & did not finnish until 8 A.M. teh next mornign. Magnifique!!!1! ANd then many of teh guests stayed for brakefast. Tehn lunch. Many did not leave until teh 3rd -- 3 DAYS AFTER, mes amis.

And Moárose, he loved evry minute of it. He will postinate more abuot his presents wery soon.

BUT FIRST, as raeders of Merice his TWITTER FEED will know, Mjerise has been offerinated a job by his publisher, teh esteemed press Manutius, to edit a series of books called "ESOTERIC HISTORY". Tehse will cover teh Templars, Rosicrucians and other littel-known bits of history. Merose is even contemplating writing one himslef... on neolithic spacecraft... a return to teh subject on witch he did his PHD.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

birthday praty preparations

MES AMIS ... teh birthday praty prepararations of Mwerise are almost, almost, almost completinated.  Teh cehf will wery soon be serving lunch to all teh assembled guests.

So far only three people have arrivinated -- Muawrise (IE, MOI), Aglîe &  Burlisconi. Mjerise hopes teh others arive RAEL SOON ,, but he has had teh chef lay places on teh table for them.

Unfortunately Mioroses friend Mr Ian Fleming has said taht unfortuantely he cannot come, on acuount of him being dead,. Mewrise does not believe tihs, it is just an excuse.

Eh bien. Teh excitement is almost to much for Muarose. ALMOST. Today is teh 39th birthday of Merise . Taht means today he has 39 years of age!!1!

It all wery exciting is. Aglie already a card for Mierose has boughted. It much magnifique is. And a BON AMI on facebook a virtual birthday card wihc also amazing was.

Did Moròse mention taht today he turns 46? It much exciting is. His 46th brithday praty!

Teh meal teh chef is making looks wery good. Merise was constantly in teh kitchen trying to give teh chef adwice, but he didn;t seem grateful. He even shouted at Moarose!! Even though Moriwse a much grater geynius than he is!!!1! Eventually, he pointed out to Morose taht such tihngs were beneath teh geynius of Mŵrise, which true is,. Still, he wery excited abuot teh meal is,. AND all teh wines are from the 1963 wintage . Just like MOIROSE!!!



Mes amis... teh long a-waited BIRHTDAY of Merise has arivinated. It to-day is!!1!

Eh bien. Muarhose was borned on teh 1ST April 1963. Taht means taht, as of To-Day, Mjrose is now 43 yaers of age!!1! Tres exciting, mes amis....

Mearise will postinate a wobleg post TIHS EVENING after teh brithday praty...........!!!!!1!?!?!!