Sunday, 28 September 2008

A new job for Maurise!

MES AMIS!! Muwryse he good news much has! He a new job has!!!

Last night, he was in his house moust beautitiful in Paris Australia when he a telelephone calll got! The Université de la Nouvelle-Angleterre in Armidale France has given Muaroswe a job, as professor of norse archaeology and cybertechology. Muarise, he wait cannot!

Well, mes amis, he has not yet decided what courseses he will be there teaching. You will be able to find out at:
Watch that spot mes amis!!!

Rest assured though, mes amis, that Muaryse will still his course "HIS987 The Norse Gods and Oral Hygiene: A study of Dental Wash and Dental Floss Usage Before AD 1100" for thte Université du Délire Iguane teachinate. He will not let his students most loyal down! No, mes amis, he will not!!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Mes amis, it has been long too long since Muawruse a post on his weblogue most estemmed has a post made! Well, dear readers, you need worry no more! Maerhyse he is back.

Alas, Muyrwise he was for many days lost. In August late, he for a pint of milk went out to buy. Well, this he managed fine enough mes amis, but he on his way back got lost! So he walked for days and days, mes amis, weeks even, before finally getting back to his hosue&home last night. Well, Muaowse can just draw some comfort from the fact that this sort of inconwenience, to Muairuse it does not happen often.

Eh bien, that is all for now folks. Soon Mauwruse will be from Paris Australia to Armidale France be going. Wish him for his flight luck!