Thursday, 31 March 2011

... arrived in Parrhys, mes amis

MES AMIS!!!1!! Murrhose, taht grate geynius, taht intellectual behemoth, ahs finally arrivinated in his Favuorite City, Parrhys, France (not to be confusinated wiht Parys, Australia!!). Eh bien, teh flight it much an adwenture was... he from Argentina set off on teh 18th March set off. ANd tehn, he finally arrivinated TODAY on teh 31 March.... a whole 23 days later!!1!

Eh bien, teh flight it not as mutch of an ordeal for Myarhose was as it might ahve been for a lesser mind, as Moorhose a grate geynius is. He had broughted much in his "CARRY ON" luggage.

by Charlie Phillips/flickr

In Mouarhoses luggage, as well as a parachute (which has served him well before now...), he had 331 booeks to read, his laptop comptutor, his GSM mobile phones, his satellite phones, 42 bottels of 1996 Bollinger le Grande Annee, and 14 kg of CAVIAR. Enough to keep Any Body happy....

Still... after tihs wery, wery long trip Mereise his "travel lust" has been satedede " recently... he pormises himslef taht he will not do any more travelling for AT LEAST 5 days., wehn he will be travellinating to Australie again. But for now, he has time to rest&relaxinate.

He much glad to be back in his humble apratment in Paris France is. He is EVEN NOW enjoyinating siting around in a cafe near his apratment enjoyinating espresso... mmm... espressso!! Muarhose is much happy to be back in Parhise.

Well.. Meruse would Love to stay aruond and more writtinate... but he a Booking at Restaurant le Meurice tihs evening, and he MUST go back to his apratment now to get raedy. More soon, mes amis!!!1!!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

First GUEST POST -- a brief note from Mycroft.

Good evening all. I hope you're sitting comfortably? Good, then I'll begin...

Long, long ago there was a genius and his non-genius brother. They both lived in the town of Armidale, NSW, Australia. Need I continue? Needless to say, Maurice thinks he was the genius one. We know better... (Also, for some totally bizarre reason he refers to Armidale, NSW as "Paris, NSW"... and hallucinates that he is French...)

Anyway. Back to the current. It seems Maurice has forgiven me all those times he somehow noticed that he was not the most intelligent brother... or the fact that it was me that became Genius-in-chief at the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet... Not that he'd have been up to the rigors of government, or been able to bring himself to the mundane "non-geynius" boredom of going to the same job all day every day...

Also not sure a re-union with my long-lost so-called "geynius" brother was what I'd wanted. Especially when he continually invites himself over to my place. Nothing better than to get back at 10pm after a hard day at the office, arguing with the PM about national security (again), and find Maurice has let himself into the wine cellar and is working his way through his third bottle of '59 Haut Brion... again.

Then he wants to ask me about what I did that day. Told him it was classified. He promises not to post it on the blog... but I see he's twittering everything even as we speak... What to do?

Still, he's given me the keys to the "wobleg" now... will be sure to post MY take on what he's up to... should be very interesting... stay tuned.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Welcome, Mycroft. Seriously.

Welcome, Mycroft. Seriously.

Right, now we have the lame puns out of the way... was glad to hear that Mycroft de Perfossor, Maurice's younger, more intelligent brother, will be posting "guest posts" on the weblog.

Oh boy. And I said Maurice had messed-up big time when he allowed ME to do this. Oh boy, oh boy. And now he's let Mycroft in on it, eh? Well, expect some interesting weblog posts coming up on the true genius of Maurice. Will be interesting reading....

Yours nuttily,

GUEST POSTS... by Mycroft... coming RAEL SOON NOW

Mes amis... it is true. Maurise his non-geynius brohter has agreeinated to do a series of "GUEST WOBLEG POSTS" to Morhese his humble little wobleg (acutally, Miuarose his little joke... it actually teh gratest wobleg on teh intergoogle is, full of teh geynius of Moarose..)

Muarhose is sure taht all his raeders are as excited about this as he is. A new perspective on teh genius of Muarowse!!1! WHo could for anything more askinate?!?!?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dinner at teh estancia

Mes amis... dinner tonight was roast venison with blackberry and juniper sauce. Since Morose he could not decidinate which whine to have, he HAD BOTH, teh '84 Henschke Hill of Grace AND '96 Domiane Leroy Pommard Les Vignots. You may all tihnk taht taht sounds like a dinner most magnifique... but....

it is NOTHING, NOTHING mes amis,, in comparison to teh banquet Morause has planneded for tihs Sunday evening,, wehn he will inwite a few local neighbours for a dinner most magnifique, before he back to Buenoes Aires heads. No, it is no use pleading... Murohse cannot any more guests accomodatinate.

All he will say for now is taht teh diner will include:
  • 12 courses, including venison, pheasant, fois gras, caviar...
  • 29 different whines
  • 5 first growht Bordauxs
  • 6 grand cru burgundies
  • for after,,, Mearise his FAMUOS macarons and coffee.

Eh bien. Murhose must get back to it planning. And he must ring Ratatoskr back to discuss some wery improtant busines taht has come up in his home town of Paris NSW Australie. MORE SOON MES AMIS.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A raelisation most terrible...

MES AMIS... Muirhyuse was just tukced up in his cozy bed in his cozy room in his cozy estancia estate house... wehn he woke up suddenly... even though it, it teh middel of teh night is.

Tahts correct, mes amis, Muarhise a REALISATION MOST TERRIBLE had.

But waht cuold upset a geynisu of such stature? WELL, mes amis, if you teh wobleg have been following closely (and he sure you is, he is sure you are hanging on teh every word of geynius taht comes from Muarise like water from a spring), tehn you will ahve noticeded taht he is in teh middle of planing a new wineyard for his Argentinian estate. Tihs is good.

Teh BAD raelisation is...

he already has TWO wineayrds. One in Italy, and another in France.

In Italy, he whine made in 2009, which Aglie subsequently blended and prepared for bottling. HOWEVER, Murrhose not only forgotted to teh whine bottle and sell, he completely forgtot abuot teh wintage in Autumn 2010.

In Spain, he NEVER whine has made, he keeps forgetting. He presumes taht teh grapes have rotted on teh vine and teh locals ahve not picked them in the dead of night whilst Mueriese he there was not and in to whine themselves made, as he asked tehm and tehy said NO.

OH NOES!! Waht a tragedy!! The world has been deprevid of teh GEYNIUS whines of Murrhose... but he wont forget tihs year, oh noes.

Eh bien. Enough. Murose needs a good nights sleep so he can put in a full days geniusing tomorow,. Bon nuit, mon amis!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mirrhose in his Argentininan country estate

Mes amis Morrhose is enjoying at his estancia ("countery estate" in argentinian) in Argentina being. He a much good time is having.,

Eh bien, he ment to wobleg abuot this much, much earlier... but alas!! His most magnifique MacBook Pro it has recently deaded! So he not abel to access email, twitter or his wobleg has been able to be. He just today mangeged to borrow tihs computer of his estate manager but he still canot figure out how to twitter onto log on from tihs comptutor.

Eh bien. He discussinating planting a wineyard here has been. His estate manager NOT a geynius is, though, and keeps bogging Merese down in petty triviallities. Marose had an AMAZING idea to plant a pinot noir wineyard in teh middel of teh river, but teh estate manager claimed taht "you cannot plant a wineyard in water, it has to be in soil, on solid ground". RUbbish! But Murrhose must wiht him go along, just tihs once. So taht he agrees to plant to plant taht wineyard of Cabernet Sauvigngon, Cabenernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Merlot taht Merose is hoping to plant on a rocky hillside (IS TAHT SOLID ENOUGH FOR YOU, MR. MANAGER?!?!??). He tihnks his new Argentinian whines will be AMAZINGLY MAGNIFIQUE.....

He has also to ride a horse been learning., and much enjoying it has been. Even for such a grate geynius as Moprose tihs a difficult tihng has been. He wonders how non-geniuse it manage. Still, he doing VERY weell is, if you teh number of times he has fallen off (22,548.441), been kicked (11,823.1), bitten (3,832.6678), or trodden (3.77) on by teh horse has been. The NEXT TIME taht horse tries anything liek that, Muerose will bite teh horse himself just to show it who'se boss. Taht'll learn it.

Murhose is also back on teh trail of teh Templars. He is certain tyaht tehre are LOTS around here... He also a holiday to Malta is planning... but tahts all he can say right now, it all wery secret is.

MORE SOON. But teh estate manager is coming back now, and Merese di not ask him for permission to borrow teh comptutor. He is sure that, given taht Mereise such a grate geynius is, he woiuld not mind -- but still, EASIERE IF HE NEVER KNOWS.....