Friday, 28 November 2008

The berets of MEARUSE!

Mes amis, if you cannot to LONDON make it to the exhibition of Mauriose his berets look at, fear not! The V&A Museum, they plans have to the exhibition tour!

Eh bien, first it to Paris France will be going, then Armidale France, then to Berlin Germany.

After that it will through the USA (New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Deaver), then Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Paris, Brisbane, Wagga Wagga, Davenport) toouring!.

Mes amis, with it to all these MAJOR WROLD COSMOPOLITAN CENTRES going you cannot possibly miss out!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Triumphe of MAURICE!!

Mes amis, your genius favorite Mearise de Parfessor is triumphing once again! Yes my freind things they are finally going well for our hero Mirise di Pirfissir! (that being me!)

The exhibition of Muarice his beret collection at the V&A MUsueum to a good start got off. There were at least 10 people at the opening, including rihc & famuous people. Muarise he estimates that at least 2 of these people actually meant to be there, and were not there just because they a wrong turning had made and now the way out could not again find.

And that, it is not all mes amis!!

Eh bien, also, Muirose his course "HIS987 The Norse Gods and Oral Hygiene: A study of Dental Wash and Dental Floss Usage Before AD 1100" at thte Université du Délire Iguane is well going. Muirise has severall students who on this corse enrolled, and he teaching them and sharing with them his wit and wisdom much enjoying is!

Also he at his old ALMA MATER, Université de la Nouvelle-Angleterre, is enjoying working much! It near his hosue in ARMIDALE FRANCE is so it convienient for Maerose is!!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Berets through the ages

MES AMIS!!! Muirouse much delighted to announce is that the Victoria & Albert Mueseum in London, SOuth Kensington, UK is to put on an exhibition centred around Miurose his Beret collection!!!! It "Berets through the ages: The collection of Prof. Mauirce de Perfossor" will be called!!!!!!!

Mes amis, the exhibition it next week opens, but for more details you can to the website of teh V&&A go:!!!!!! SEE YOU THERE, MES AMIS!!!!!1!