Monday, 1 November 1971

THYME TRAVEL TEST POST No.1!!?@!1#!!¡(#!!!

MES AMIS ... merise is wery excitinated to anounicinate taht ihs new thyme machine is acutally working. Taht's right, mes amis, Moierise has thyme travel. Rember you red it here first. MES AMIS merise is just back from a brief trip to 886, acidentally endin g teh siege of Parris a few weeks early (OOPS: but don"t worry as of now history will always ahve been exactly as Muarise made it change to being). Eh bien, taht not teh point is, teh point is taht MUAROSÇE HAS TRAVELINATED IN THYME AND THAT MUTCH EXCITING IS. He will more post later (mutch mutch later from teh perspective of stupid nongeynius linear time!) when he gets back to his own thyme. He pormises to tell you all about his exciting thymemachine. MORE SOON>