Thursday, 17 December 2009

Whinemaking and a Talk in Rhôme

Mes amis, Mwerüse has a brake from teh Templars been taking. He Other Things has been doing.

FIrst, he & his bon ami Aglÿ have been making whine at Castello di Meruse. Mòrrjuse cannot you yet tell what whines he is making, though they much exciting are. HE not ALL teh whines he was planning to make is, as he forgott about teh harvest and teh grapes much too late pickinated.

As usual, Mueriùse most of teh work wiht teh whine making has been doing. HE the improtant part has. He has been sitting around in this corner teh whole time, watching this oak barrel to see that it escape does not. Meanwhile, Ugliè and a student whine maker from Bordeaux have been doing all teh small, inconsequential stuff like "pressing" grapes, moving barrels around and much else of such triviality that they do Not atract teh atttention of a geynius such as Mwrrise.

But Merhiüçe a break from this teh other day took, and to Rhôme went to give a talk on Neolithic TV production. THis talk, it a triumphe was, wiht 300 people attending. Mwîrryse much worried was when he some Templars in teh Back row spotted, but tehy wery polite & attentive were. Tehy even some interwesting questions at teh end asked, so maybe they, they also scholars of prehistoric TV and Radio production were. Also, they did not try to teh talk disrupt or Mürjise take hostage, which good was.

But now, mes amis, teh big task for Mqrûße today is to continue to watch this oak barrel, as instructed by Aglìe. Also, waht to have for dinner tonight?!?!?

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Finally landededed in Austr...,er, in Italy!!!!!

MES AMIS!!! Despite many mis haps, and teh interference of teh Templars (who seem to be in control of teh Australialn polis enough to meke them arrest Mìruse, univesally acknowledged as teh gratest to ever live ever), Muiruise has back to his hosue & home in Italia it madde.

Mes amis, Murùse his trip back was made much quicker tahn normal thanks to a devise called a "GPS", which Mwrrwse guided back to Italia. TRUE, he fell aslepp at one point and overshot the destination, but that a minor porblem was. Maybe one of these for his car he needs!!!

Agluie & Mhyruçe have spent teh day going through teh material found on bored teh HAIRYPLANE Mjërîse borrowed from teh Templars, and much useful infromation found. No wonder teh Templars were so annoyed about Mweruse borowing teihr hairyplane. In any case, it looks good parked next to teh runway of teh Castello di Murjíse private runway, & Mujuröse it thinks he will keep.

NOW, no time for more WOBLEGGING. Mqrqçe & Aglie must run, RUN to teh vine yards & see what (if anytihng) of this years harvest they can save and make in to teh fine whines of Castello di Mwrise. Wish us luck, mes amis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Teh hairyplane... it a TEMPLAR hairyplane is... oh noes!!

Despite teh porblems wiht teh planes autopilot, Mjërüse is enjoyign his flight back to Italia. That's right, mes amis, Merèse changed route has & to Italia is goingk, not France. This is because once again he rembered that he had to meet old old ami Aglie to discuss saving whatever we can of teh grape harvest, and make teh bestest wines that we can for Castello di Mereiuse.

ALso, Merè∫e has made some discoveries about teh plane he "borrowed". Teh GOOD discovery is that this plane, it has a GPS Unit!! Wiht MAPS!!! SO now he can his way much easily find.

Teh BAD news is that this hairyplane, it belongs to Templar Airways!! Tahts right mes amis, this hairyplane, it owned by teh TEMPLARS is!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh noes!!! This it wery much bad news is -- teh TEMPLARS might be tracking Merìuse!!!

On the other hand, mes amis, it much good to borrow a plane from teh Templars to escape from teh Templars, no? ALso, they much ... interesting material have in teh hold of teh plane, including several BOXES of books and papers, Templar regalia, boxes of Templar gold & jewelery, and a few Templar computer systems which Mweurjyse with Agly will examine WERY, WERY carefully. Merîuse will keep you up to date wiht ALL teh news about teh secret Templar plots about which he out finds out.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Greetings from sunny HAIRYPLANE!!!

Mes amis, Mweruise is once again flying a hairyplane. But this time, it not a 747 is. It a Piper PA-31T is. But let me explain, mes amis.........

Mweruse finally managed to get back to his hosue & Home in Paris, NSW, Australia. He there much work on teh garden had been doing, and was also planning his return to Italia so he could work on teh grape harvest wiht Aglie. But then, teh Federal Police, acting on teh instructions of teh Templars managed to Mjerwuse track down. Once again there was some rubbish about stealing a truck and escaping custardy -- all lies!!!!!!!!. Luckily Merèse able to escapeinate was, by locking teh front door and running out teh back door whilst teh polis, tehy were teh front door tryign to break down.

Thinking quickly (well Mérèçe a geynius is), he was able to teh hairport get, where he a Piper PA-31T could borrowinate. He was not able to teh owner of teh plane ask, but Mwewrwise is CERTAIn he/she would not mind. It am emergency was, and Mereuse a grate geynius is..

This annoyed teh Templars no end, all they could do was stand on teh run way and their fists shake. Horray! Le genius (Mjerîse) escaped again!!!1!

Of course, the escape it not wihtout problems was. Despite looking all through Mërjüise his bag, this teh only map he could find was:

There a few porblems wiht this mappe are, such as teh fact that it Australialialilaulai;la does not seem to show, but Merûse thinks he will his way back to Paris, France wiht it be able to find.

At teh moment, he has teh hairyplane in "auto--pillot" mode put (not that ANY comptutor could FULLY replaace teh geynius of Merweçe as a pilot), so now Mwereiuse he time to check his email has & could now wobleg posts write (such as this one!!!1!!). More soon, mes amis, as Merîuse continues his amaazing plane flight....