Saturday, 27 October 2007


State of the Art Aircraft FleetWell, mes amis, today I fly back to Australia. Morece will be flying from Armidale in France to Paris in Australia on Elast Ickband Air, the world's number 900 airline!

I am currently sitting in in the airport departure lounge waiting for a plane that has been delayed yet again. But Merise is not the sort to let this get him down, no sir! I spent the first three hours working on my groundbreaking new novel The Stunned Mullet of Etrusca, and bestowing the benefit of Mawrhys's genius on my felllow passengers. For some reason, they all seem to have moved down to the other end of the departure lounge, even though that end is looking very crowded now.

Still, Mawryce never gets depressed just because everyone else suddenly had to leave unavoidably. No, mon ami, Maurrhyçe just got out his laptop and jumped on the airport's wireless internet. I checked my email a few times but no good, it did not make the email appear. Then I realised I must confer more of the unique wisdomm of Morrhy∫e on to my adoring public, the blog readers.

Mes amis, Maurhyße's flight is being called now. He must go. Maybe if I go now they won't notice I have a Cattle Class ticket, and I can sneek into Firsst Class.... Shh, don't tell anyone Maurrecse's secret!

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Friday, 26 October 2007

Archaeology of France in the Polystyrene Age

Well, mon amis, it's a few months into a new year at Université du Délire Iguane. Yet again I am teeching my unit ARCH371 "Archaeology of France in the Polystyrene Age (c. 5000BC-2900AD)".

This is my favourite unit ever, dripping with the pure geynius of Morrice! And yet, it seems that the dullard students reconise it not! Nearly none of them bother to turn up to Mawryse's lectures most splendide, and the few that do just sit around and point and luagh. I cannot understant this. Ah well, they will be fighting, yes, fighting to get into Maüriße's classes when my next book is published. Then Maoriçe will have his revenge.

And speaking of revenge, I must make certain to get it right this time. Mowryse will not repeat the mistakes of last time, no sir! It was just by luck that I, Marise, got out of that one alive. I was protected only by my white lead makeup, which shielded me from the radiation.


Welcome, all, to the new and wonderful blog of Maurice. Unlike the blog of the evil Lady Shelom, this blog will contain no half-truths or corrupt fallacies.

No, mon ami, this blog will contain the truth about the genius of Morrise! They said Mawrice could not spell his name the same way twice in a row but Mowryce proved them worng, yet again!

Watch this space for further revelations of the genieus of Morriçe!