Saturday, 12 May 2012

Merises NEW JOB -- editor of teh "ESOTERIC HISTORY" series of books @ MANITIUS PRESS!!!1!

MES AMIS!! Arrivinated in Malta. Aglie, he is much certain taht there is much Templar actiwity happening on teh island of Malta. He says, taht he Templar plots can smell from a mile off.

EH BIEN. Taht not teh point of tihs wobleg post is though. Abiuot taht will Mjerose wobloginate WERY WERY SOON. But just not now.

NO, mes amis., teh point of tihs wobleg post is to spaek about MErise ihs wisit to his publisher in Milan -- taht is Manutius. Merise spent a few days in Milan , and he much work tehre got done. he overseeing teh public-ation of his NEW BOOKE ,which out will be coming wery soon , and workin g on co - ordinating  teh new series of books " ESOTERIC HISTORY " taht he is for Manutius books co - ordinating. HERE are just TWO (2) of teh titles organisanised so far:

  • Templars, Pot-Noodles and the New World Order, 1500-1980. Agliè de St Germaine & Muarice de Perfossor. Publication date: 01/09/2012.
  • Rosicrucians, Roswell and the Race into Space: Space Exploration since 1100. Arnaud de Saint-Estèphe. Piublication date: 07/10/2012
  • The Knights Who Don't Say "Ni": The Teutonic Knights and the Modern Movie Industry. Wilhelm Normand Bergenstein. Puvlication date: 29/11/2012.
.. and taht's just teh tip of teh ice-berg , as teh captian of teh Titanic said.

Rember. You raed it here 1ST.