Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Muarhoces magnifique trip to Sidney -- teh PLANNING.

Mes amis... Morrhose is planninating a trip to Sudney... he is JUST even now packinating teh car.

You might not rember, mes amis, but just last yaer Maeryuse property in Sidney boughted. And he to taht property (an apratment, right on Sidney harbuor, mes amis!!) has not recently wisited. SO he now a trip tehre plans. He has booked meals at teh bestest restaurants in Sidney, so it MAGNIFIQUE will be.

HMMM... he just raelised has.. he has a SELECTION of cars wiht him here in Paris, NSW:
Tehse all nice cars are, but tehy are all 4WHEELDROVE cars... and Murrhose is certain taht NOBODY but NOBIDY in Sidney would drive a 4WHEELDROVE car, especially not a 4WEEHLDROVE pickup truck!!!1! It too rural for a sofisticated city as Sidney would be. Tihs is why he bought himslef some new cars when he his new Sidney hosue first boughted:
... but alas he tehse in Sidney still left from LAST thyme he was tehre. So? WHAT CAR TO DIRVE TO SIDNEY???

Muarhese selects teh Porsche Cayenne tihs time. It teh fastest car is, and it looks a BIT more sofphisticated tahn the others... ALMOST (but NOT QUITE) sophisticated enough for sidney.

Eh bien, Morrhos is excited abuot his Sidney trip. He must finish packinating teh car wiht every thing he can of think, and also make certain that tehre is enough coffe for teh in-car espresso machine. Tehn he must have lunch. Tehn, he must drive!!! HE plans to stay on a speed of AT LEAST 270km/h for teh whole trip. Tihs means teh trip shuold take NO MORE tahn 1.95 hours... wihs Mwhrise luck!!