Monday, 17 September 2012

Mirose his greenwitch hosue.

MON AMIGOS!!!1! Muarise is apologise for teh long brake in posts. He has mutch sekrit inwestigating been doing ... he coven of Templars found hidden in the Tunnels of teh London Metro. He wishes he could more here abuot tihs postinate, but alas, it mutch sekrit is. He willl tell you as soon as he can.!!

Eh bien. Merise has had many friends write, email or wring to ask abuot his new hosue in London. Rather than reply to tehm All separately, he thought he wuold a wobleg post here about it right. As you aware might be, he into tihs new hosue moved on teh 25th July, & instantly problems had. EG: no furniture, no food, etc, as NATURALLY he assumed taht these tihngs would come wiht the hosue (tehy were there when he the house inspectinated with the rael estate agent.).

Eh bien. He quickly over these problems over came. He & his associate Agley were quickly abel to solve tehse problems quickly. We fuond some wery chic antiques stores, & also wisited teh Bermondsey market. It all wery much exciting was. Morrise has not had so mutch excitement since last time he boughted himself a new house & had to it furnish!!!1!!

He has gone for an elegant c18thcentury theme, wich Muarise thinks is much elegant. And indeed, it is so. He himslef painted teh walls in elegant pastel shades (egg shell blue, chiltern white, edwardian lemon, grecian white, ,,,, so many chic colors mes amis!!!?!?!

He has sanded down teh floor boreds, and wiht the help of Agley, sanded them so they most beautiful look. He then positioned his elegant authentic 18thcentury fruniture around his new hosue.

The pride of tihs new hoseu is teh library. At the moment, teh shelves are may be not as full as they couold be, but Mirose is determinated to build up a BIG colection of esoteric , rare & waluable books about teh Templars & other esoteric subjects ... including many of Moarise his other specialities e.g. film & TV in teh pre-Roman period, neolithic spacecraft, etc, etc, etc.. It much magnifique will be when Mirose has more books assembled & he cannot wait for tihs all to be finished.

Also on teh ground floor as well as the librarary is teh kitchen, teh dining room, teh longeu room & teh study. oN teh 1st floor (teh one immeadiately above teh ground floor ) is four bed rooms, a bathroom. On teh 2nd floor (teh one two floors above teh ground floor) is two more bedrooms, another study, another librarty & storadge space. Teh hosue also has a cellar wich Mirose has made suitable to be a wine cllar & already had it stocked wiht magnifique whines.

Teh longue room Mirose is wery proud of . He managed to find some bautiful silk-covered C.18th.Century longues, & a beautiful chippendale sidetable, & several magnifique potted palms. He also a wondreful cabinet to display part of Mirose his extensive beret colelction has installed.

Just before his inwestigations in teh london underground/"TUBE" he scoured art gallerys & many magnifique & authentique 18th & 19th century paintings boughted ... including some wery famous names... Mirose does n't like to "DROP NAMES' but he will mention J.M.W. Stubbs .... Joshua Turner .... George Reynolds ... amongst other s .... magnifuqe & worthy  of the genyius of Mirose.

EH BIEN. Tahts all FOR NOW. Mirose leaves for NY (NEW YORK) wery soon.