Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Mes amis .... Mawrise is in Germany on wery sekrit business inwestigating teh Templars here, and so he about it mutch cannot say. Agley has even forbiden him to blog or tweeet! Not that Maurise will folow the orders of such a lesser mind.

Mwérise & Agley have been spying on & exploring a templar castel in southern germany for the past few weeks, and have many excited things found.


  • In Germany, they spaek German. WHO KNEW??? Mierose thuoght that German was only spoeken in Spain, & taht in Germany they spoke Greek. Unlike the Greeks, who speake Latvian. Whilst teh Latvians speak Spaininsh. So, all simples. But if teh Germans speak German, whatelse could this mean???
  • Teh templars all insist of having on-suite bathrooms.
  • Teh Templar meetings are wery long & tedious & are 86.7721% beaurocratic non-sense & 16.71277% sekrit templar conspiracys.
  • Ancient sekrit templar manuscripts are mostly wery heavy, and rarely in English or French.
Eh bien. Moarise has much, much more of interest than that founded, but he cannot here discuss publically (email him for more sekrit details!). He is sad he cannot discuss the ancient sekrit templar objects of power that he has found. And Miaerose definately canot tell you about teh Templar plot to seize control of the world by putting m,ind control agents in digestive biscuits. Oh noes, mes amis, abuot those, NOT A WORD.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Yaer!~

Mes amis Mérise does not hear wish to go on abuot teh many presents he from his freinds, admierers & adwersaries got, even though some of them were wery exciting (Agley boughted Moarose a case of 1945 Château Latour, & Merose him bought a tie, made from geniune nylon!). NO mes amis it sounding like boasting would be. And Mírose is NOT one to boast. He wery, wery modest is.

Eh bien. The point is taht for teh new year Mierose is in his castel in La Mancha, Spain. Thats right, Merose has a castel in Spain. Witch he hasnt been to since Septembre 2009. Teh perils of ahving so many hosues, mes amis!! Eh bien, he there now is. And enjoying it mutch is.

He left NYC on teh New Years' Eve Eve (ie, 30th Decembre) and much sad was to leave it as it a nice town is. But tehn he mutch glad to in Spain be. Even though it also here wery cold is (-10°C mes amis .... wery cold in tihs old, stone castel .... Merise has all teh fires going evwery night, and its still cold, he might have to uproot his wineyard here to provide kindling! <- Just Moereis his little joke).

After mutch discussion wiht Agley over Xmas, Merise has finally decidinated to employ estate managers to look after his Wineyards, as he in Argentina is alraedy doing. Eh bien, it is so:

  • In Castelli-di-Roma, teh Bordeaux student taht he in 2009 employed, Aglie;s freind M. Michel Peynaud-Lurton, who has now finished his studies & also now owns a cháteau in Saint-Êmilion ....
  • In teh South of France, his freind M. Aubert Jayer-Joly
  • In Spain, M. Émile Rolland-Dubourdieu, also a Boredeaux student & a freind of Agley & M. Michel Peynaud-Lurton.
  • In Paris, NSW, Australia -- YES, Mierose is going to plant a wineyard here!!! -- M. James Gago-O'Shea <--- Moerise will abuot tihs a new wobleg post wery soon. Also abuot teh apratment he plans to buyinate in Tokyo ..... but tahts too mutch news for now!!!!1!#!?!!
Teh GOOD news is that M. Michel Peynaud-Lurton managed to save some of teh 2012 harvest in Merose is castelli-romani wineyard ,,,, and made  a start on bottling teh 2009 for saleing,. Watch for tehm at an off-licence near you wery soon mes amis.

Eh bien,. Merise ment to tell you about New Year in Spain. It so far much exciting has been! Even though he left Agley & Ratatoskr & Mycroft in New York, he not bored or alone has been, becuase Merose is never bored (except when nothing exciting hapens taht can stimulate his grate geynius). NO he has spent teh evening drinking "Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva", and singing Auld Lang Sang (in teh original Spainish) to a candelstick. It much exciting was! Mèrise tried to explain exactly how exciting it was to Ratatosrk over teh phone & Ratatoskr became so excitied he couldnt stop sniggering.

Eh bien. Tomorrow Merise goes to look at his Spainish wineyards (in withc he has Tempranillo, Garnacha, Merlot & Syrah POUR LE ROUGE, & Airén, Macabeo & Chardonnay POUR LE BLANC) & decidinate wiht his new estate manager EXACTLY waht wines he will here producinate. Tehn he will drivinate into town & buy some books abuot Templars taht he at the local BOOK-SHOP saw.

Also, though he pormised NO MORE NEWS, he MUST say taht 2013 will be teh first wintage of whine from his estate in Argentina ....

Also, he has a trip lined up to a Templar Castel in Germany for later tihs month wiht his .... associate ... Agley. MORE SOON.