Saturday, 31 March 2012


Mes amigos... Mjerhoce has a most fantasic month had here in sunny Provence. He certainly much glad to back here be!!!1! Tehre much exciting going on is ( he in negotitaitiatiaatiotions to buy a painting by Mr. Wincent Wan Gough from his associate Aglie is, for E.G. ) but taht not teh point of tihs post is.

NO, mes ami... You might have seen teh date on tihs wobleg post. It Sun Mar 31 is.

You might ahve rembered teh BIRTHDAY of taht GRATE GEYNIUS Merose. It April 1st is.

(Mwerise was born on 1st April 1963. An improtant date in world history!!!)!)

You see where tihs is going mes amis? NO? Well, maybe it takes a geynius of teh stature of Maurise. Yes, mes amis, to morrow is teh birthday of MUARHOSE, internationally famuos GEYNIUS.

EH BIEN. Muarhose has spent teh last week in a whirl-wind of activity. He is organisianisaing a surprise birthday praty for himself!!!!1! It magnifique will be. He has many of his freind inwited, including (but not limited to):

  • Aglie de Saint-Germaine, who will be well - known to existing raeders
  • Tony Blair, an old ami... and ex Prime-MInister of the U.K.
  • Silvio Burlisconi, who Muarhose thought a much excelent president of Italiay was (at least, he told Marhose taht he was, and Mirose sees no reason to disbelieve him)
  • Angela Merkel, another old freind
  • Nicholas Sarkozy, teh most excelent president of France
  • Sir David Cameroon, most excelent current president of the U.K.
  • Mr Ian Fleming, teh famuos author
... and many, many more. It magnifique will be. Even though Moarhose a incredibly large wine cellar here has, he much more wine extra has to order in. Even thouhgh he a geynius chef is, he a caterererer has got in, to cater for teh many improtant & influential guest has. He is catering for 4,543 peopel. It quite teh party will be.

Muarhose would love to put out a blanket inwitation to ALL his wobleg readers, but unfortunately he cannot. Instead, you can all presents post by mail. A case of Romanee-Conti wuold be fine. Muarhose prefers teh 1945 wintage.

Eh bien. He will updatinate his raeders after teh praty. BUT he conwinced it a TRIUMPH will be.