Monday, 21 January 2008

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

So true for Merhise too! Like mon ami Edeth Piaff, Mowrhyse still has no regrets, even after his time most awful on that desert island abandaned all alone.

Still, Merrhyse is glad to in PAris once more agian be. He will tell you, his readers most faithful, all about his triumphant return tomorrow. Be patient, mes amis!

Friday, 18 January 2008


Yesterday, Merrhyse was rescued form the field in which he had crashinated his plane. Good news, he found out that he in the south of france had landed! The reason Marise could not the Frenchmen understand is that they were all talking Breton, not French. Yes... Breton. That'll work. Everyone round here seems to be speaking... Breton, so we are in English ahving to communicate.

Still, it has arranged been that I, Mwrhyse will to Paris return tomorrow. Tomorrrow shall be the date of the triumphal return to Paris of Famous Aiuthor Marrise de Parfossir! Mes amis, there will be crowds lining the streets, and fire works and parades. I am most certain mon ami my good friend Nicolas Sarkozy will eb there to greet Merrhyse, after his too long absence from Paris.

Mawrice cannot to his flat in Paris get back wait. He has been away for so long, and misses it much!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Merrhyse waits for rescue

Well, mes amis, Mawrhyse is lost once agian. But he is no longer on a desert island, and he is to civilisation much nearer. He can feel it, mes amis! It is not far now, and soon Meriçe will be rescued, and soon he will an entrance most triumphant into pArise make.

Eh bien, for now he waits aroun in this barn in the middle of the countryside of some country. It is at least most beautiful though the weather it is cold and the trees they do not have leaves on them anymore. It must be winter here, which Merhîse guesses means he is in the hemisphere northern. Closer to Pariss, at least, mon ami!

Yesterday, Mirrhyse spooke again on the téléphone satellite to his new editor in Italy, about his new upcoming book, and his prospects for rescue. Alsas, M Garamond (my publisher new) was not a search and rescue party for me able to arrange. Still, Mawrhysçe himself has telephoned the authorities and they will hopefully for him be looking soon!

Mon ami, Merhysé will in Paris again very soon be!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Where's Maurice?

Any one want to guess where Maurice is now?

Go on, try!

Wrong. But Ratatoskr knows where Maurice is. Maurice is in the south of France. He hasn't realised it yet, but I guess he will have to eventually.

Oh yes, and that language the locals speak that Maurice cannot understand? It's French. Maurice cannot understand it because - whisper it - Maurice can't actually speak French.

Yours squirrelishly,

Explodinating planes again

Mawrhytsse, he crashed his plane in a field somewhere. Alas, when flying around looking for Paris he ran out of his coconut-milk derive Aviation Fuel. He was to glide able for a little while, but eventually his plane hit the ground and explodinated.

Merrhuse, he found himself in a field in the middle of no where. Mes amis, I was completely lost! I for a few hours walked before coming across some of the local of this region most inhospitable. Morise, he did not recognise the language they were talking. Mewrise, he has not tried to see if they speak English or French yet, as he doubts it.

Marise is now in a small barn sitting, trying to use a small torch battery to his laptop power. He is still hsi satellite telephone using to connect to the internet.

But never fear, mon ami. Whereever Mirrhyse is, he will he way home to Paris find!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Of course

Mawrhyse has it figure out now, mes amis. He has a satellite phone! He can for help with that telephone. Maybe somewone will be able to him directions to Paris give. Wish him luck, mes amis!

Lost, mon ami, lost!

Maewrhyse, he is lost, mon ami! Lost! He has been flying about aimlessly for the past few days, uncertain of where he is or where he is going. One day he is flying over ocean, the next over desert most inhospitable. I know not what to do.

Only a few days ago Merise thought he was flying over France. But alas, it was not France, it was just somewhere that looked a little like it (the Galapagos Islands). If only I could the radio figure out how to work. Maybe Mehryshe on that could for help and assitance ask! But alas he cannot.

But, mes amis, all is not lost. Merrose is a geynius, remember! And a genius can always find a way.

Wait for Mawrhise in PAris, he will be there soon!

Friday, 4 January 2008


Mawrhise, he just now realised he has no map and is lost. Anyone know where Paris is from here?

Thursday, 3 January 2008


Merrhyse, he cannot a map find. Oh no. Anyone know which way Paris is from here?

Also, Mewryse does not even know where is is right now. Still over the pAcific, he thinks. Also, I have not slept since the night before last. So tired. Must sleep but cannot as am flying airyplane.

Luckily, my mental faculties they are as acute and sharp and wonderfull as ever. NOTHING escapes Mirrhice.

Talking of which, one thing I notice just now mes amis is that Mawryse he cannot a map find. Oh no. I just realised this, it means Merrhyse is lost. Anyone know which way Paris from here is?


And Merrhyse is airborne! He flying into the sunset, leaving this island prison most wretched behind him. (The only thing that spoils this image most beautiful, mes amis, is that it is not sunset.)

Thanks to the wonders of satphones, Mowrise can be on the internet and type this even as he flys away from his desert island to the home he missed so much. Aargh, I am loosing altitude mes amis! Meryse must pay attention to flying the plane!

Now to find a map, to see where I must be going to get Mawrhyse back to Paris. I think I saw one back here somewhere.

Lift off

Merrhyse, he continued to work all night on fixinating the hairyplanes. Mawrise, he now has a (more or less) fully functional Piper Cherokee Warrior propellor aeroplane. Mawryse is much happy with this plane. He used components from the Cessnas too, but the finished plane it is mostly like this plane.

I am just about to get into the plane, and take off. Mowryse, he will waste no time in flying home. No, mes amis, you will soon find him once more in Paris. Since I have my laptop computer and a satellite telephone, Merrhyse will continue to blog from the air as he flies home.

Now to fly away home. Wish Mirrhose luck!

Merrhyse continues to learn to fly from yourtube

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Merrhyse learns to fly from youtube

Et voila -

Freedom for your weblogger most intrepide!

Horray, Meryse is found a way to get off this island most infernal. Rejoise, mes amis, Marrhise will soon be strolling the boulevards of Paris once more!

Mes amis, Merrhose was walking alone on the island one day when he found something most extraordinary. He found a large sailing ship, beached on the beach and completely abandoned. It was clearly a boat most beautiful, and she was sea worthy. It was such a windy day that Merrhyse, he used it for fire wood to keep warm.

Also, after more searching he had found an abandoned runway, with several rusting decrepit Cessna and Piper aeroplanes lying around. Sacre bleu! A miracel for Miryse! The only thing Mauryse lacked was aviation fuel. But a geniyus like Merise can come up with a solution for any problem (or was it a problem for any solution, I cannot remember, mon ami. No matter, I think it is more or less the same).

Merrhyse had coconuts as a source of hydrocarbons, and for Mawryse it was a simple matter to find a process to turn coconnut milk into aviation fuel. Mes amis, he simply [CENSORED BY INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM CARTELS. WE DON'T WANT ANYONE GETTING ANY SILLY IDEAS, PLEASE]. What a triumph for Marhise! He finally had aviation fuel!

Well, mon ami, I have the past few days been working on the planes, to see if Merrhyse can get one in good enough state to fly me off this island. Also, Merrhyse has to learn to fly. Wish him luck!