Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Freedom for your weblogger most intrepide!

Horray, Meryse is found a way to get off this island most infernal. Rejoise, mes amis, Marrhise will soon be strolling the boulevards of Paris once more!

Mes amis, Merrhose was walking alone on the island one day when he found something most extraordinary. He found a large sailing ship, beached on the beach and completely abandoned. It was clearly a boat most beautiful, and she was sea worthy. It was such a windy day that Merrhyse, he used it for fire wood to keep warm.

Also, after more searching he had found an abandoned runway, with several rusting decrepit Cessna and Piper aeroplanes lying around. Sacre bleu! A miracel for Miryse! The only thing Mauryse lacked was aviation fuel. But a geniyus like Merise can come up with a solution for any problem (or was it a problem for any solution, I cannot remember, mon ami. No matter, I think it is more or less the same).

Merrhyse had coconuts as a source of hydrocarbons, and for Mawryse it was a simple matter to find a process to turn coconnut milk into aviation fuel. Mes amis, he simply [CENSORED BY INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM CARTELS. WE DON'T WANT ANYONE GETTING ANY SILLY IDEAS, PLEASE]. What a triumph for Marhise! He finally had aviation fuel!

Well, mon ami, I have the past few days been working on the planes, to see if Merrhyse can get one in good enough state to fly me off this island. Also, Merrhyse has to learn to fly. Wish him luck!

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