Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Return of Muaarhose to TWYTTER... and WOBLEGGING,,

MES AMIS... it almost a month since Morhose twittered or woblegged has... he shure his adoring fans most adoring where wery sad to not benefit from teh geynius taht is Moarhose for tihs LONG period of time...

Teh sorry truht is taht, after he got back to Australie., Miruse raelsied taht he had lost his precious MOLESKIN(TM) note-book... which maent taht he did not ahve teh unlock code for his IpHONE as it was writen in teh notebook... which maent he could not get teh password for his MACBOOK PRO laptop comptutor as it was saved on his iPHONE... which maent he COULD NOT retreave teh password for his twyytter, facebook, blogger or E-lectronic Mail accounts as tehy were saved on his comptutor... he devistated was!! He spent weeks searching everywhere, all through his hosue, and his hairyplanes, and his car,s,, but tehn, by a miracle, yesterday he found it in teh pocket of teh jacket he had been wearing ALL ALONG!! Amazing. Muerhose, he much plæsed was...

Eh bien, Morhose just glad taht now he his MOLESKIN(TM) notebook has he can use his IpHONE and his laptop again,,, and can comunicate wiht his loyal fans wonce again... He also glad to be back in Australie is., though he much puzled by teh weather is. It's COLD here, almost like winter... yet wehn he left Paris, he certain it spring was... so shurely it should also spring in Australie be... odd, mes amis, odd.

Eh bien. Moreose will post more about his triumphant retturn to Australie soon. And Myrcroft has just left to wisit Beaune in France so expect a guessed weblog post from him sooon.

A bientôt!!