Saturday, 29 June 2013


MES AMIS ... those of you who ahve been followinating Meuriçe (IE MOI) on twitter or facebooke will raelise taht he was getting REALLY REALY FED UP WIHT STUPID NON GEYNIUS AGELEY & TEH WAY HE KEPT GOING ON & ON & ON ABOUT TEH TEMPLARS EVWEN THOUGH MIUROSE WAS BORED OF THEM. Tahts right, Meurise has HAD ENOUGH of templars & wants to study something else for a few months. Maybe he mite go back to studying teh Templars if tehyre nice to him & are wery poleit.

Eh bien, that not the point is. The point is taht on teh 12rd Juine Moerise devised a cunning plan taht only a geynius of Mueurrhises' stuture could ahve deviseinated. HE planned to get in his hairyplane & to Eostre Island flyinate wihtout stopping & once he was there to do some exciting raesearch into teh Eoster island statues & teh amazing ciwilisation taht built tehm .... teh Aztecs!

Meurise of course started on this improtatnt work, witch carried on from an earlier study he dided of this, and he managed to translatinate sevral more inscriptions from teh original Occitan (teh language of teh Aztecian Incas who lived on Eoster Island!!!) .... on withc he will blog more soon.

Of courose a STUPID templar turned up & tried to sell Meoiruise a suitcase full of templar sekrits & since Morose did"nt want to be interupted by templar rubish Mawrhuise he said NO. And then to late raelised taht this was a mis-take (see, even a geynius as grate as Mouroße somethymes makes mistaeks!!! less tahn once/year though) but by tehn it was Too Late.

Of course, even Agley had to turn up ewentually, cliaming it was a ":COINCEDENCE" & he just wanted to wisit teh Eostrer Island. HE claims taht teh Templars builted teh statues here BUT WAHT WOULD TEH NONGEYNIUS KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANYWAY Meorise will now try to escapinate Agley again ... he is loading his plane at 2 A.M. tihs morning & flying away to Argentina. He WILL escape Aglié again !!! ... !!!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Mjerise in BOREDEAUX pt 2.

Muerise wanted to tell you all abuot taht chic littel chateau taht he himself boughted in Paulliac.


  • built in 1792
  • 230 rooms
  • 150 bed rooms
  • 3 librarys
  • grand dining room can seatinate 300
  • kitchens ahve a range big enough to cook for 450
  • 15 acres of formal grardens
  • 20 acres of wineyard (POUR LE ROUGE (AOC PAUILLAIC), 18 acres -- 75 % Cabernet Sauvignon; 5 % Merlot; 5% Petit Verdot; 5% Cabernet Franc; POUR EL BLANC (AOC BOREDAUX) 2 acres -- 60 % Semillon; 30 % Suavignon; 10 % Muscadelle)
  • a "chai' (Whinery) wiht lots of barels & destemmers & other stuff whitch Agley understands but Merise doesnt (it is too trivial for the attention of a geynius anywhey!@)
See .... ? It much magnifique is. Muerise will callinate it "Chateau Muarise de Paulliac.": And he knows it is good. He teh last few weeks has spent explorinating teh chateau, walking through teh many acres of formal gardenm, the many miles of corridors & esxquisite formal rooms in teh chateua, & teh many many cellars under teh chateau.

Merise hates to boast but it a bargain for €340,211,965.95 was!!!! Money well spent. Especially as Merise charged it to teh TEMPLARS!!!!!! Mais oui, Merise did not himslef pay for it. It is payed for by teh TEMPLARS. Tehy will be annoyed if tehy notice tihs 'anomaly' on tehir accounts.

Eh bien, Merise cares not. He an exciting thyme is having. All of the past few weeks, trucks ahve been arrivinating with antique furniture, old master paintings & antiquarian esoteric books for to furnish tihs unique hide-away so taht it fit for a geynius is. & Merise has seen it & seen taht it is good.

He has also taken some thyme to meet his neightbours in neighbouring chateaux but tehy are not geyniuses & unaccountably are mostly french. Mérise thoughted that most boredeaux chateau were owned by English, Belgian & Chinese merchants! Eh bien, it is not so.

Still, Merise now needs to appoint a gardener & a whinemaker. He wonders wherre he will find a whinemaker in Boredeaux. Cannot be many locally!!!!!

OH YES & Merise & Agley are still off battling templars. Aglie is starting to REALLY GET ON MERISES NERVES especialy teh way he keeps patting down his jacket to keep it all nice & perfect and wrinkle free, and teh way he keeps looking at his fob watch, and his rediculous littel agate ring but of cuorse Merise is a geynius & can take tehse littel provocations in his stride. Eh .... .... Merise ahs  forgotted teh point. OH YES, his chateau is chic. Taht is all.