Friday, 12 August 2011

Mwaurhise in Sidney


taht it winter in Australie is came as a shock to Mjurise. He had managed to forgetted taht winter in Australie is at teh time when it summer in France is, and winter in France the same time as winter in Australie is... Mirhoise thinks, thuogh he might have got taht confusinated.

Morrose wonders what season it is in Argentina., He will ahve to ring his estancia manager & find out. He will reportinate back on TWITTER.

Eh bien, Moruwse he has been survivinating teh winter. He fuond taht his apratment has perfectly good central heating, so he didnot have to make himslef an "improwised" open fireplace in his apratment. Even though this magnifique would ahve been.

Moirrhwse has made it his target to wisit many of Sidneys best restorrants tihs winter, and has enjoyed dinner many thymes at Sidneys Most Prestiginoiouis wenues such as Tetsuyas and Rockpool Bar & Grill. At teh Roockpool Bar & Grill he was abel to order teh 1945 Romanee-Conti taht he had twitted about on tweeter. AND, in-deed, it magnifique was. Morrhose drankj teh whine wiht teh wood fired grilled pigeon with roasted red peppers, grapes and radiccio salad. Also magnifique.

Eh bien. He much more tahn just eating in Sidney up to has been.

No, no, no, mon amis.

Far from it. He has been workinating on his next grate work of grate geynius -- an academic study of transistor radios in prehistoric Polynesia. He cannnot much here say (as rival academemics who are not as grate geyniuses as Morrhose scower this wobleg for ideas of geynius to rip oifff & steal from him), but it will be publishinated later in teh year.

He also porrf-reading a manuscript of his latest novwel. It magnifique will be!!!