Monday, 28 April 2008

House Hunting. Virtual stlye.

Hmm, Maybe this house it would for Merrise be good enough:

No, mes amis, it too modeste for a geynius such as Merrhiçe is. This one, ah mes amis, this one it is more suited for the genie du Merise:

Or maybe this one:

Oh! THe indecisiion! MErrhyse, he cannot his mind make up. ITs too much, mes amis, too much. THese houses, they are all too beautiful. And Merrise, his laptop batterie is about to die mes amis...


Greetings from sunny Norway mes amis! Acutally, this it is just Merrises little joke. Its not sunny is wery cold here and Meriçe he has the past few weeks spent shivering constantly. Ah Meroße he pines for warmer climes. He promices himself that onse he gets away from here, he will himself a new house on the south coast of france buy himself. One with at least 100 rooms. ANd NO PERMAFROST.

Still, Merrhiçe a wisitor again at least had. The tall gentelman with the one eye called again today. He, he had two (2) pet ravens with him. Merose, he thinks theyre names were Huginn and Muninn, or Muninn and Huginn, Mawrui∫se he cannot rememebr alas. Still, this Strange wisitor a present at least to Mawrusse gave, he him a beautiful long spear this time gave. MErrhse was most flattered, it most beauutiful is though mArose is not certain where at home he will it put. Maybe in le umbrella sttand.

Oh yes, and if you happen in to in North Norway be mes amis, could you please Merriçe rescue?

Friday, 25 April 2008

A Drawing, by MAERRIYSE

Merrhise, he tihnks it most odd is that he strated writing his new novel after his visitors most weird arrived. It is almost like Mawruse, he was by them inspired. This, it is a notion most rediculous and Meruse he rejects it most sternly!

In any case mes amis, Merrhise he thought you might like this drawing he did of one of his wisitors:



Mawryse in deistress

Mes amis, Merrhuse is not having a good time. Alas, he is still in Norway with no hope of resuce marrooned with no hope of rescue.

But, mes amis, Merhuse he does not give up hope. No mes amis he keeps right on with his Great Wrok. MErrosse has on his next novel been working. Without the distractions of home to distract him, he has been making good progerss mes amis. He has already wrtittne 500 pages of pure gold, the best material he has ever written! Once again, a great geynius has suprassed himself!

Though MEariyssse is all alone by himself, he has had vistors, fear ye not mes amis! A few days ago, two men came up to where Mearise he was camped. One was thickset, muscular and very strong. he, he had red hair and red beard. He had a Hammer on his belt, and it did not look nice. Merise, he was intimitated, but he showed it not. The other man, he was even more worrying.He wore a broad brimmed hat, and a coat blue and a walking staff. He had long white hair, mes amis, and only wone eye. There were two ravens that seemed to belong to him. Merrhyse could not this understand.

Merrhyisle, he talked with thim about many things, including the high cost of stationary. At this point, the younger man he looked much agitated and said to the older man "all father, we have to go now". Then they left. Mmwerrhyese, he caleld after them "Hang on! I just remembered, mes amis, Mwerrhyhjse he is stranded and cannot get away! Can you help him escape?" But alas, the two wisitors most mysterious, they heard him not.

Oh well. Merrhyse, eh does not know who his vistors most estemed were. But he does know that he will be rescued, mes amis! It will happen!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Ratatoskr, if you are reading this mon ami, Merrhise he needs your help! Alas, he much cold is and also out of food is running. Mes amis, he is having to get by with foriaging for food.

Last night, he looked under a rock and found a roast pheasant. He under another rock also looked and found a chocolate cake. But, he is not certain how much longre he can this life of foraging and eating poor wild foods (the pheasent was slightly burned) keep up!

Ratatatoskr, Morise neeeds rescuing Much!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Life in Norway, by Merise!

Mes amis, Merrhuyse he is much in luck! This mroning he under a tussock looked, and found several powerpoints mounted into the permafrost. Also, there was a phone and network socket. Also, he was able to his laptop plug in and internet access get. Mes amis, you are saved! The adoring audiense of Morrrise will not be deprived of his geynius most unique!

Alas, Mewrise himself is not yet saved. He still in the North of Norway is trapped. He is hopping that his Good Friend Ratatatatoskr will to the rescue come. Maybe Ratatoskr will a helicopter here fly up. Or maybe he will at the head of a train of reindeer arive. Still, Meruse he hopes that Ratatatosk here arrives very soon. Is cold, mes amis, is cold.

Luckily there was some cold weather gear in the Piper plane Merise he stole. Otherwise, Mawwrwise he would be in big trouble. Also, since the plane it did not explodinate Merrrise he is able to sheltere in it. Le plane Piper, she is too damamged to fly alas. But she can at least shetler to Mawrose the geynius offer!

Mes amsi,s have no doubt that Merosse he will get away from here. Once again very soon you will in Armidale in France see him mes amis!

Friday, 4 April 2008


So Maurice has got himself lost again, eh? Typical. And he expects Ratatoskr to get him out of it again, eh? Typical, again. I'm busy. Odin wants me to deliver a parcel for him. It's important, can't let the All-Father down again eh? No, not gonna happen. Can't help. Sorry, want to, hands are tied etc.

In the mean time, might just sit back and snigger. Can someone pass the acorns?

Yours squirrelishly,


Merrhise, 'is iphone batterie it is dying, mes amis! Le iPone it said "Bleeple!" at Mawrise. Naturally, Merise was not at this happy and demanded that it explain itself further. Then he noticed that the iphone, it had Low Battery Alert printed on its screen.

This is not good, mes amis. THe IpHONE is Maroses primary contact with the otuside world. How will he escape if his iphone, its battery is deadinated?

Ratatoskr, if you're reading this, please Marise help! HE promises he will not his slide show of his book tour force you to watch!