Monday, 28 April 2008


Greetings from sunny Norway mes amis! Acutally, this it is just Merrises little joke. Its not sunny is wery cold here and Meriçe he has the past few weeks spent shivering constantly. Ah Meroße he pines for warmer climes. He promices himself that onse he gets away from here, he will himself a new house on the south coast of france buy himself. One with at least 100 rooms. ANd NO PERMAFROST.

Still, Merrhiçe a wisitor again at least had. The tall gentelman with the one eye called again today. He, he had two (2) pet ravens with him. Merose, he thinks theyre names were Huginn and Muninn, or Muninn and Huginn, Mawrui∫se he cannot rememebr alas. Still, this Strange wisitor a present at least to Mawrusse gave, he him a beautiful long spear this time gave. MErrhse was most flattered, it most beauutiful is though mArose is not certain where at home he will it put. Maybe in le umbrella sttand.

Oh yes, and if you happen in to in North Norway be mes amis, could you please Merriçe rescue?

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