Sunday, 26 April 2009

Templars, vineyards and an invite to a MEETING MOST SECRETE in ARGENITiNA!!

Mes amis, despit the disapointment most catastrophique, the visit de Aglìe is still well going! We ALL NIGT up sat about teh Templars talking. Muirrose, he pretendinated to more information about there secret plots for world domination to have,, to for Aglie make up for the book a fake being. Aglie was in this most interested, and pressed Mirrowse for more details. Of COURSE, Mirrwse he wery wague had to be, as he does not ahve many details!!! IT all made up is.

Eh bien, also Murowse a supreise had when he Aglie infromed him that Miruwse he to Argentina was going soon. Aparently, Aglie and M. Garamond will also then in Argentina be for a meeting of some society they both belong to!! ThIS meeting, it being held in the Buenos Aires "Museo de Artes y Oficios", where tehy a Foucaults Pendulum have (which is where teh meeting it will be held!!). THEY even invited Muirose to come along! SUCH a priviliudge!! Of course,he agreeinated. This so exciting will be.

Eh bien, Mirrowse and Aglie for a walk in teh vineyard will now go. Aglie offered to Miarose advise on the 2009 vintage give and for this Murirose he is much grateful. it is early days, mes amis, early days but grate things you should expectinate!!!! THEN, brakefast.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Quelle catastrophie!

Mes amis, just as Aglie and Muirose teh geynius were together teh book ancient they foundinated calle d "Gli antichi segreti dei Templari together readinating, a thing most terrible it happened!! Mon bon ami Aglei, he had jiust to a part most interesting got, when Mirrhose he a sniggering sound herd. Mes amis, you caanot imagine how much this it upset Maerhoswe. He this sound knew!! It was teh chameleleon!!! IT MUST BE, mes amis!!!

But things, they were just about to much worse get. Mon ami Aglie, he said "Odd parchment this book is printed on. It feels almost... scaly". Then   Mirrhose he raelised. Teh book! IT was real not, it teh cameleon in disguise was!!! At that piont teh book jumped out of teh hands of Aglie, and in to a corner scuttled. Aglie, he most amazed and disappointed was. But then he teh incident wiht teh 1929 Möet & Chändön Champagne rememberinated!! AND tehn he knew taht Mirrhowse he must by teh cameleleon being tormented must be!

Eh bien, now Muruse teh geynisu and his bon ami Aglie most continue to around teh castelli di mirise lookinate. May be we will some REAL treasures findinate!!!

Friday, 24 April 2009


Mes amis --- Mjorhowse teh geynius and Aglié, they for a drive went and this time Muirowse genarously let his bon ami Aglei drivinate. Oh but he not such a good dirver as Mjrjse is!! He went so slow!!! For murose it wery tedius was -- we NEVER went faster than 120km/h!!! SUCH SLOWNESßS!!

Eh bien, when Aglie and Mjuirose (geynius) to teh castle got back, Aglie he suggested we for a look around teh castle went. Well, this such a good idea was that Muras just had to agreeinate!!! There are many rooms in teh castle, many wiht original furnishings, so there much interesting to see was. Well, mes amis, in teh librarry, burried in amongst a pile of books on geology and astrology, was a book most unique!!!

It, an ancient laether bounded volume called Gli antichi segreti dei Templari was -- this, it means "Teh Ancient Hidden Secrets of teh Templars"!!! It was clearly published before 1750 was, and so Aglie up on it fell with much delgiht. There, there a MAP was, showing teh location of some of teh hidden Templar castles, and the conetents page listed detailed descritpiton of EVERY hidden secret Templar plot. This , it too much a good find was!! Mirrhowse he could not it beleive!! AND yet, it true was!!!

Well , mes amis, Muirrhowse teh geynius and Aglie will now to the study of Mirwse this take. AND There we will now it Studyinate. Mirwose, he is certain that the two minds of these scholars most eminant (though of course Mueworse he is teh MOST eminant) will together SOMETHING of most important significance in this document unqiue be able to findinate!!!

Castelli di Maurice - a great whine in teh making!!!!

Mes amis, mon Ami agly and Murrhose the geynius have been sitting up all night about the vineyard de Mauryse talkinating!!! According to Uglie, Muirhose has has Merlot, Sangiovese, Trebbiano and ugni blanc in his vienyard planted already. Maerease, he suggested to AGLIE plantinating Cabernet blanc, but Aglie, he objected just because "this grape vaierity does not exhist". AS if that to a geynius matters!! Hah. No! It does not!!! Still, maybe on this ocaisin the non-geynius is write. Muirjohse, he will pretendinate Aglie suggested Cabernet blanc and Muirrhuse HE disagreed!!!1!

We aslo the Templar conspiracy disccusinated, and Aglei many new tihngs about teh Templar conspiracy to take over the world told Muirirse. Apparently,  microwave meals are a BIG part of this conspiracy!!!!!! Muirojse, he just knew it!!

Eh bien, it is true, it quite an evening is. Now Agli he has said that he wants to try dirvinating Muirhose his lamborghini. So after we brakefast have had, wee will for a drivinate go. THIS time, though, Mirirse le driving geynius will be teh PASSENGER in his car own == AGLEI teh DIRVER will be!!!1!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Arrivinated at GENZANO DI ROMA!!!1!

MES AMIS!!! I think Aglie was disappointed much to in teh 2CV rather than the Lamborghini drivinate -- still, next time, mon ami, next time. ALSO, I think he happy not with the expert driving of Mjurowse was -- Muirhjse the geynius driver was only doing 170km/h, so maybe he to slow was drivinating? NEXT time, he will AT LEAST 220km/h try drivinating, may be that will Agly make more relaxed & not tense and scared looking make!!!

Eh bien, we finally now in Genzano di Roma are, and that teh MAIN thing is. Muhrowse will now his guest most esteemed (almost, but not quite as aestemmed as Merhiuse himslef!!) around the estate -- or "Castello di Maurice", as Muirowhse he llikes to it call --- showinate him. OKAY, so teh drive it took a BIT longer than Mjuowrhyse he planninated, and Aglie he siad that Miowrwse he a few rwong turnings maded - but such triviailities do not to a geynius like Morrrhuse matter!!! Eh bien, here the route is:

View Larger Map

Agluy was most intrigued to about the TEMPLAR history of teh castle hearinate. "I knew it!" He said. "IT proves that you must have that secret map!!! I'll get it off you someho... Er, I mean, Er, Nice castle, Maurice!!" Miuerohse, eh did not understand what Aglei meant by that, except that he teh castle likes. And he also by teh TEMPLAR history most intrigunated is!!!

EH BIEN, must go for a walk now!! UNTIL LATER!!!!!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Tommorow, mes amis, mon ami Algie and Murhese, the greatest geynius teh world has ever seen ever , will to the hosue of Mjowryse in the Castelli Romani will tomoorow   go!! Mirhöse, he wait cannot! It magnifique will be! Ah, but do not be afeared, mon ami: Murhose will of all the exciting things that happen you keep infromed! Oh yes he will!!!

Hmm.. Should Mirowse his Lamborghini drive, or maybe his new 2CV?? He decided canot!!!1! Maybe Iglae will teh 2CV prefer...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A day in Rhôme whit AGLIE!!!

Mes amis, today it was quite a DAY!! Mirhôse, that famouse genius of world repute, he teh day spent walking around Rhôme with his bon ami mon ami Aglie. Ah yes! Such intellectual discussion! Such heights of intelect! It beleived could not be! And yet, it was so. We discussed the influence of the Rosicrucians on modern TV programming, and the influence of Modern TV programming on the Ancient Alchemical Knowledge of Egypt. AH yes, such a day.

Mjurose also the opportunity took to discuss the formation of his vineyard new, Castello di Maurice, wiht Aglie. Of this, Aglie most enthusiastic was and was keen to Mjrjse tell all about the Templars approach to whine and whine making. HE said He most keen to help was, so we will this be discussing fruther when Aglie whit Mjruse to Mjowrhüse his Itallian villa goes later this week. ALSO, Aglie Morose a book gave -- it is called O Guia Templário Para Vinificação by Petetav Typerys, that FAMED scholar of the estoric side of the agricultural sciences. It was in Milan published in 1721, and Mirehse much privilidged to have it is!!

Eh bien, that concludes teh wobleg post for twoday. Mjurhyse and AGLIE, we will now to a little local ristorante that Miruose knows and likes well. MuRoWsE he will teh Porchetta have:: roast pork, with laurel, garlic and black pepper, MMM!!!!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Ágliè - QUICK post, mes amis!!

QUICK POST, MES      AMIS!!1!! Mon bon ami Uglie, he here is! He hast arrivinated much earlier than Mjowrhuse he expecting was!!

Still, this not a catatastrophe is, no mon ami, Mjürøse is to whit his bon Ami aglie much time spending looking forward too.

THIS, it promices to be teh week most exciting. Your bon ami Mîrhose will you keep infromed wiht all the exciting things that Agly and Merese will doing be doing. Now Mjorhosew must brakefast make -- cafe latte and croissants, mes amis!!!!!!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

The visit of AGLIÈ

MES AMIS!!! Mjuwrose he in a state is! He much excited is! on Moonday, Miróse his bon ami Aglie will to Rhome come to Mérèse visitinate. Then on Tuesday we will to Mjrjse his country estate go, and Aglie will with Mjowrose around Mjrhwse his new country estate look around. It such an event will be!! Mîrhoíse is to seeing his bon ami Aglie wonce again much forward looking.

Ah, mes amis, you must forgive Muirohse a weblog post most regretably short... He must go now, and for his guest much anticipated preparinate. Mjuewrosé he will a CAKE bakinate for his good freind Aglie. Yes, a CHOCOLATE cake. This, Aglie will like much!!!!!

à bientôt


Monday, 13 April 2009


AAAARGH!!! Its friday teh 13th! Unlucky!! Unlucky!! AAAAAAAARGH!!!!

Oh no, hang on mes amis, apparently it it is MONDAY teh 13th. This, it not so unlucky is.

Mjuwryse, he much releaved is!!

The wisit most anticipipated of Aglie, and the novel new most magnifique!!!!!

Mes amis, it now only ONE WEEK til the wisit most anticipated of Mearise his bon ami Aglie to the new hoseu of Mjiorwse it is happenating. Mes amis! He wait cannot. It will teh social event of teh DECADE be! The most amazing thing to happen EVER!! ALMOST as AMAZING as Mjuowrhyse the two brithday praties he this year had!

Ah, but in teh mean time Mjuwrhyse, do not think that he nothing to do has. No, mon ami, he with his Important Works of Great Geynius keeps on working!!!1! Yes mes amis, you may have read the rumors in papers such as El Monde and teh New York Times and thought them Foundless Roumours, but it is true! Mjuowrse, that great geynius, that towering intellect, he is at WORK on a NOVEL NEW!!!

Alas, mes amis, he canot much detail yet you tell. Sufice it to say, mon ami, This novel new, it will be MAGNIFIQUE!!!!!!!!!1!?!!!!!!!1!!!!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

...These are a few of my favouurite things...

Mes amis, Mjirowse he has his Winduhs Live profile updatinated, to include a list of his things most favorite:

This, it includes some of the book Mjowrse he has written, as well as the TWO films that about him there are. Enjoy, mes amis, ENJOHY!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The SECOND 46th birthday praty de Mjowrse

MES AMIS!!! Muirrhowse he is having a SECOND brithday praty, right here in his apratment in Rhôme! HE this mroning was going to go out and the milk buyinate, when he the doorbell of his apartment he heard in ring! Well, mes amis, this was quite a surprise! Muirowse, he knew not who it could be!!

When he the doorr openinated he found it was many of his friends to who he his birthdya praty in Sidnoy had invitinated to. There was M. Sarkozy, M. Berlusconi, M. Brown, M. Obama, Mme. Merkel and M. Rudd. Aparantly they most sad were they could not to the birhtday praty of Murwhose come, aparantly there was some trivial political meeting called "Gee Twenty" to which they all to go to had to!

Miuirowse, though, he did not have the food to give them. But even this, it not a problem was!! They had food from teh Gee Twenty banquets stolinated, and wiht them brought!! Mon ami Gordon had shoved some bottles of wine up his trowsers and in his jacket, mon ami Angela had stolen the pizza, mon ami Barack had tacken teh pate de fois gras, mon ami Kev had stolen teh pretzels, and Silvio had got confused and stolen some paperclips and A4 paper (aparently this is what he steals when he any job gets!!). This, it a good start for teh party was! SO, Angela went out to buy some champagne, and Silvio went to order some meals from a good little restorrant that Mhjørose in the area knows. When they they back got, we quite a party had!!! Even teh pizza, it most wonderful was!!!

AND it, it even better got! They ALL presents most magnifique for Muirrhowes had got! IT was magnifique, mon ami, magnifique! Mon ami Gordon had Mjurwose a new beret bought (red coloured!), Mon ami Angela a vase most beautiful, mon ami Barack a Hawaiaiaiaian statue, mon ami Kev had brought a new tie for Mjuowrose, and mon ami Silvio a newspaper corporation (Mjuowrise, he now owns a newspaper!) which apparently he no longer needed. These gifts, they most thoughtful were. Marose, he particularly the new beret liked.

Ah, the food it was most magnifique. And the conversation intellectual, it was most stimulating! Muhrwose, he told mon ami Silvio exactly how he should his TV stations run, and mon ami Silvio, he notes taking was! He discussed cricket with mon ami Kev Rudd, which most confusing was until he realised that he, Mirrowse, was about the INSECT talking, whilst mon ami Kev was about the SPORT talking! When that, we both realised, it most funny was. Mårjose, he had not even reealised that there was a SPORT called cricket, and Mon Ami Kev did not know of this INSECT called cricket!!

This second brithday praty most magnifique, it could all night go on. It such a splended surprise for Mjrjse is!. But Mjrorîse, he felt he must inform his raeders most loyal of the splended events that were happeninating! All his bon amis, Mjurowse has invited to stay in his apratment for the night. HIS FIRST GUESTS, mes amis!! He wonders what for brakefast mon ami Sarkozy will want!?!?!


MES AMIS!!!!! OH NOES!!!!! WOE !!!! CATISTROPHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mirose he most upset is! HE has just rembered, that when in Sidney he was meant to pick up his new Maserati Quattroporte and his new Jagular XKR from teh dealers.. Whilst he teh Maserati rembered to pick up, he forgot COMPLETELY to teh Jaguar pick up!!!

OH NOES!!! WHAT is a geynius to do?!?!

Luckily Ratatataotksr, he still in Sydnoy is, and does not to Norway fly back until next Tuesday. Miurowse, he will Ratatatatatataoskr ring and askinate him if he will teh Jagular pikc up and to the car park at the sadney apratment of Murose it takeinate.

Then Muirowse he must to sleep go back. He STILL KILLER JET LAG has!!!?!/?1!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Roman in teh gloaming!!!!!!

Ah to be in Rome now spring is here. Mjwrosw, he teh first of teh spring whether is enjoying. All the crocuseses are in blume, mes amis! It is tres magnifique.

That is right, mes amis, Mjwrîce he has in Rhôme once again arrivinated -- this time by hairyplane, mes amis!! He has made plans to his new estate in Argentina visit soon, but first he is back to his new hosues in Italia.

He will in his apratment in Rhôme be stayinating, and then in a few days time he will Aglie meet, and they will together drive out to the new country estate de Måjwrose, which just outside Rhôme is. Then his bon ami Algie will for several days there stay, and help Miurowse heis new hosue explorinate. he even has Mjuowryse a few tips on whine making promiced to give -- the Castello di Muirise will be a grate whine, mes amis, a grate whine!!! Watch out for it in all good whine stores!!!!

Eh bien, Mîéø∆røß´∑ he must now sleepinate as he KILLER JET LAG still has!!!!!!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Returngin to Italy...

Mes amis, tomorrow Muéîrjhose to Italia flys back. He is going to see his bon ami Aglie, who is to visit Mjhrwse in his new Italian castle coming to visit!! This, it most exciting will be!! And it, it will make up for teh fact that M. Agliè, he did not to the birthday praty de Mjiwrøse come!

Mjuwjose has whit the lawyers in Sidney his inheritance worked out. He no longer has to worry about muney, mes amis!! He woes financial, they are solved!!!

Eh bien, Mjswzrnwrce he will again write when he in Italia is arrivinated.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The 46th birhtday praty de Maurise le genie!!!!


Ah yes, the brithday praty it was most magnifique. And yet, it, it did not without problems occur. You see, mon ami, that Muiiewrøse he invited 200 people to his praty, and so this it was the number of people he told the caterer to provide food for. And yet, only three people were there! Including Muirrowse!!! No, not even mon ami Sarkozy! Or mon ami Berlusconi!! Or even mon ami Chalres Dickens!. This, it not a good start was.

Well, Muirwowse he decided to start the evening by opening a bottel of Penfolds Grange from teh year of Mårøse his birth (1963). But then, then he noticed that his old nemesis Lady Shellom was one of the few guests that had come! He did not want to such a wine for her get out! Especially after what she wrote about him in her book Modern Australian Literature: Geniuses and Frauds!! No, it would not do! But then, Miueroîse he rembered how far his bon ami Ratatatatatoskr had flown to get here, and thought maybe he should get out teh good wine for Ratatatatatatatoskr's sake even so. Eh bien, it was so.

The rest of the evening, it most magnifique was. Muirrhose had enough entrées for 68.3 people, he could not the Ragoût of Lobster keep away from! Then he for the main course had teh Ballontine -- turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken stuffed with a pheasant stuffed with a grouse. he off this had enough for 30 people! AND then he on to the venison moved!!! Then, for desert Mirrowse he had the Baba au rhum, the Teurgoule and the Crème brûlée -- he kept for more going back, and ate enough meals for 110!!

The dinner! It most magnifique was! Muirrowse he oppened bottles of 1958, 1959, 1963, 1964, 1971, 1983 and 1985 Penfold Granges, and the 1972 Romanee Conti annd 1985 La Teche that Ratatskr he brough wiht him!

The food, it was magnifique! The conversation, it was exceptional!! So much intellecutral discussion!! For hours with Ratatoskr I discussed the literary significance of acorns. Muirrhêse he was with his presents much happy with: both Ratatatoskr and Lady Shelom new berets gave mirrease. It a most wonderful evening was!

Well, that was the brithday de Mauiroswe for 2009! And it quite an event was, even if it did not go exactly to the plan de Muirrowse!!! NEXT year, though, it will MUCH better be. For one thing, Mirrôse he will not Lady Shelom invitinate!!!