Friday, 24 April 2009

Castelli di Maurice - a great whine in teh making!!!!

Mes amis, mon Ami agly and Murrhose the geynius have been sitting up all night about the vineyard de Mauryse talkinating!!! According to Uglie, Muirhose has has Merlot, Sangiovese, Trebbiano and ugni blanc in his vienyard planted already. Maerease, he suggested to AGLIE plantinating Cabernet blanc, but Aglie, he objected just because "this grape vaierity does not exhist". AS if that to a geynius matters!! Hah. No! It does not!!! Still, maybe on this ocaisin the non-geynius is write. Muirjohse, he will pretendinate Aglie suggested Cabernet blanc and Muirrhuse HE disagreed!!!1!

We aslo the Templar conspiracy disccusinated, and Aglei many new tihngs about teh Templar conspiracy to take over the world told Muirirse. Apparently,  microwave meals are a BIG part of this conspiracy!!!!!! Muirojse, he just knew it!!

Eh bien, it is true, it quite an evening is. Now Agli he has said that he wants to try dirvinating Muirhose his lamborghini. So after we brakefast have had, wee will for a drivinate go. THIS time, though, Mirirse le driving geynius will be teh PASSENGER in his car own == AGLEI teh DIRVER will be!!!1!

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