Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A day in Rhôme whit AGLIE!!!

Mes amis, today it was quite a DAY!! Mirhôse, that famouse genius of world repute, he teh day spent walking around Rhôme with his bon ami mon ami Aglie. Ah yes! Such intellectual discussion! Such heights of intelect! It beleived could not be! And yet, it was so. We discussed the influence of the Rosicrucians on modern TV programming, and the influence of Modern TV programming on the Ancient Alchemical Knowledge of Egypt. AH yes, such a day.

Mjurose also the opportunity took to discuss the formation of his vineyard new, Castello di Maurice, wiht Aglie. Of this, Aglie most enthusiastic was and was keen to Mjrjse tell all about the Templars approach to whine and whine making. HE said He most keen to help was, so we will this be discussing fruther when Aglie whit Mjruse to Mjowrhüse his Itallian villa goes later this week. ALSO, Aglie Morose a book gave -- it is called O Guia Templário Para Vinificação by Petetav Typerys, that FAMED scholar of the estoric side of the agricultural sciences. It was in Milan published in 1721, and Mirehse much privilidged to have it is!!

Eh bien, that concludes teh wobleg post for twoday. Mjurhyse and AGLIE, we will now to a little local ristorante that Miruose knows and likes well. MuRoWsE he will teh Porchetta have:: roast pork, with laurel, garlic and black pepper, MMM!!!!

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