Thursday, 23 April 2009

Arrivinated at GENZANO DI ROMA!!!1!

MES AMIS!!! I think Aglie was disappointed much to in teh 2CV rather than the Lamborghini drivinate -- still, next time, mon ami, next time. ALSO, I think he happy not with the expert driving of Mjurowse was -- Muirhjse the geynius driver was only doing 170km/h, so maybe he to slow was drivinating? NEXT time, he will AT LEAST 220km/h try drivinating, may be that will Agly make more relaxed & not tense and scared looking make!!!

Eh bien, we finally now in Genzano di Roma are, and that teh MAIN thing is. Muhrowse will now his guest most esteemed (almost, but not quite as aestemmed as Merhiuse himslef!!) around the estate -- or "Castello di Maurice", as Muirowhse he llikes to it call --- showinate him. OKAY, so teh drive it took a BIT longer than Mjuowrhyse he planninated, and Aglie he siad that Miowrwse he a few rwong turnings maded - but such triviailities do not to a geynius like Morrrhuse matter!!! Eh bien, here the route is:

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Agluy was most intrigued to about the TEMPLAR history of teh castle hearinate. "I knew it!" He said. "IT proves that you must have that secret map!!! I'll get it off you someho... Er, I mean, Er, Nice castle, Maurice!!" Miuerohse, eh did not understand what Aglei meant by that, except that he teh castle likes. And he also by teh TEMPLAR history most intrigunated is!!!

EH BIEN, must go for a walk now!! UNTIL LATER!!!!!!

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