Sunday, 26 April 2009

Templars, vineyards and an invite to a MEETING MOST SECRETE in ARGENITiNA!!

Mes amis, despit the disapointment most catastrophique, the visit de Aglìe is still well going! We ALL NIGT up sat about teh Templars talking. Muirrose, he pretendinated to more information about there secret plots for world domination to have,, to for Aglie make up for the book a fake being. Aglie was in this most interested, and pressed Mirrowse for more details. Of COURSE, Mirrwse he wery wague had to be, as he does not ahve many details!!! IT all made up is.

Eh bien, also Murowse a supreise had when he Aglie infromed him that Miruwse he to Argentina was going soon. Aparently, Aglie and M. Garamond will also then in Argentina be for a meeting of some society they both belong to!! ThIS meeting, it being held in the Buenos Aires "Museo de Artes y Oficios", where tehy a Foucaults Pendulum have (which is where teh meeting it will be held!!). THEY even invited Muirose to come along! SUCH a priviliudge!! Of course,he agreeinated. This so exciting will be.

Eh bien, Mirrowse and Aglie for a walk in teh vineyard will now go. Aglie offered to Miarose advise on the 2009 vintage give and for this Murirose he is much grateful. it is early days, mes amis, early days but grate things you should expectinate!!!! THEN, brakefast.

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