Sunday, 23 August 2009

Castles in Spain. And Italy. And SPain.

Mes amis, Mjerise has not so much to this time report.

Agli, he is going to Germany for a few weeks and then is to his home going. Leaving Méréçe alone wonce again. WELL, This it worries Mhwrwyse not one little bit! No, mon ami, Merhyse has much to do planninated.

He has ANOTHER ex- Templar castel in Italy lined up that he himself wants to buyinate. This, it will much wiht his work in decoding teh templar plots help. Also, in a week or sos time he will teh Castel in Spain that his late Uncel Pedro to Mjerhise left go and see too. mjerhüse, he wait cannot to all this see!

Also, Mherhyse has much exciting things plannedd for his whine Castello di Mewrrüse. He is certain it the bestest wine ever will be, so much place on his mantleplace is clearing for all teh awards it will win. Even so, Agly said it much important to a business plan have is. HERE is teh busyness plan of Mjerîse (genius):
  1. Make wine.
  2. Sell wine.
  3. ...
  4. Profit!
It a GREAT plan is, befitting such a grate geynius as Mjerrhyse, no?

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Adwentures at Casttelo di Malbork

Àglîé is to Rhôme dirving today for a day trip to Rhôme today (by car). Good day for Mjerowse to a wobloeg post writinate!!

SO, Aglie & Merjuse le genie to Malbork drovinated in teh Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6. Here the route they took is:

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Aglie, he says it OBVIOUS is that he teh driving took over after Lisbon, but Mjerose it cannot see why! Nor can he see why Agly his route says more direct is!!

ANYWAY, though teh dirve from Lisboa it much slow & tedious was we there in teh end got. Agliè & Mhereçe pretendinated to be normal tuourists, and were let into teh castel after merely paying teh entry fee! Templar security standards, they must have slipped over teh last few hunrdred years!!! Anyway, wonce inside Mjerîse found many exciting things about teh Templars secret plots on these so-called "Information Boards". Uglie said that these just for tourists are, but Merese is not so certain. Also, Aglée a Templar manuscript by teh moat foundinated, which he in his jacked pockete hidded. We some useful things out found mes amis, trust Mwrüse on this!!1!

Anyway, once we looked around had we teh meeting wiht teh Templar Grand Master had. We in teh appointed time & Place waited (next to teh Moat, 11 pm), but him could not see. Then, he out of nowhere appeared & us in teh moat pushinated!!! Luckily we both swim can, & Aglié teh precious manuscript in teh car had leftinated. BUT it, it shows that we onto something must be!!! Otherwise, teh TEMPLARS, they such desperate measures would not try! But we stopped will not be in this method (BRIBERY, now that works!! Anything above $1Million in unmarked us dollars pelease).

Wonce Mhwrûse & Agly had off dried, tehy into teh car got & AGLY back to Italy us drove. This, Mjerowse protested about: he to drive wanted!! Aglie so slow drivinates!!! TEDIOUSNESS!! BORINGNESS!!! SLOWNESS!!! But alas, even though Mereose argued for teh whole trip it no good was, he insistinated.

Yesterday, we teh vines here at Castello di Meråese inspected. Aglie, he thinks this year it should wery good be. Mjerøse he agrees -- teh whine of Castello di Mqrqse, it teh GRATEST WHINE EVER, EVER will be!! More on that one later.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Back home at Castello di Mjewrhyse!

Well, it much to much long been has since here Mjerise here postinated. Well, he to Castello Malbork & Back has been. It much slowness was, as Aglie on driving he insistinated. Not good! Much slowness!!

But that, it not teh WORST bit of teh trip was. Teh meeting wiht teh Templar Gradn Master, it well did not go!! Mjeroise, he cannot about this now write but soon he will do so.

Eh bien, it good to back at Castello di Mjérése is!! Home safe & suond!!