Thursday, 17 December 2009

Whinemaking and a Talk in Rhôme

Mes amis, Mwerüse has a brake from teh Templars been taking. He Other Things has been doing.

FIrst, he & his bon ami Aglÿ have been making whine at Castello di Meruse. Mòrrjuse cannot you yet tell what whines he is making, though they much exciting are. HE not ALL teh whines he was planning to make is, as he forgott about teh harvest and teh grapes much too late pickinated.

As usual, Mueriùse most of teh work wiht teh whine making has been doing. HE the improtant part has. He has been sitting around in this corner teh whole time, watching this oak barrel to see that it escape does not. Meanwhile, Ugliè and a student whine maker from Bordeaux have been doing all teh small, inconsequential stuff like "pressing" grapes, moving barrels around and much else of such triviality that they do Not atract teh atttention of a geynius such as Mwrrise.

But Merhiüçe a break from this teh other day took, and to Rhôme went to give a talk on Neolithic TV production. THis talk, it a triumphe was, wiht 300 people attending. Mwîrryse much worried was when he some Templars in teh Back row spotted, but tehy wery polite & attentive were. Tehy even some interwesting questions at teh end asked, so maybe they, they also scholars of prehistoric TV and Radio production were. Also, they did not try to teh talk disrupt or Mürjise take hostage, which good was.

But now, mes amis, teh big task for Mqrûße today is to continue to watch this oak barrel, as instructed by Aglìe. Also, waht to have for dinner tonight?!?!?

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