Sunday, 11 November 2007

WiFi woes

Greetings, mon amis. I am writing this on a small desert island, presumably somewhere in the Pacific. The plane I was in experienced engine difficulties and came down somewhere in the middle of the sea. Apparently this, it is not so uncommon for Elast Ickband Air. But luckily Maaurice had packed his parachute in his carry on luggage, and was able to escape the plane before it burst into flames and then explodinated!

I quickly found that if I sit on top of this palm tree, and use a high gain antenna that Murrcie just happended to have with him, Murroce can just pick up a WiFi signal on his laptop. It's also lucky this desert island has power points hidden between the marram grass tussocks on the dune. WiFi signal is wery weak, mes amis, so not certain when I will get disconne

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