Sunday, 25 November 2007

On-board the S.S. Cado

Well, mes amis, Morrhyçe is enjoying life on board the S.S Cado!

Last night Morrhyse enjoyed having dinner at the capitan's table, and provided much witty and inteligent conversation to my newly found adoring audience. Why, when I told my famous joke about the three naval captains and the iguana, the captian laughed hystericallly, and then burst into tears out of sheer appreciation of Morrese's geynius.

"What on earth could someone of your... unique intellect do for a living?" the captian asked me.

"Well," Morrhyse replied modestly, "I am a professsional genius, a lecturer on pretty much everything, and an author. I write many books most incredibly intelligant on so many subjects it is not possible to sum up quickly."

"You do certainly have an abnormal level of intelligance," the first mate admitted.

"He sure does," agreed the kaptain.

Well, mon amis, life on board the ship is so far good. A few of Morrhyse's creature comforts are lacking -- it is not possible to get a good cup of cofffe for example -- but Morrhy∫e has proved that he can cope with adversity! Besides, I think the captian has some of these and is hiding them from the rest of them. But it is not possible to hide anythign from Murrise, as he is a genius. I have seen his bag in the bridge, and I think it is Prada.

I will take it and report back to you, mes amis.

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