Tuesday, 13 November 2007


Alas, mes amis, no rescue for Morrhy∫se today.

Maurrhise attracted the plane, which was  a seaplane, and it landed. Unfortunately, it was on a rescue mission looking for someone else, not Morrise.  These people, they were looking for the crew of a ship that had sunk near by. I had, I think, seen this ship they talked of so told them when I had seen it. But alas since they were for these people looking, not Maurryse, they could not rescue me. That was not what they had been told to do.

Eh bien, Maurrhyse will stay on the île and waite...

At least, with internet accesss, my adoring public are not deprived of their chance to bask in 'le genie de Mawryçe' -- the genius of Marise!

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