Friday, 25 September 2009

Graetings from SUNNY ESPANIA!!

Well, mes amis, it soo loooonng has been since a wobleg post by that grate geynius Mjeroise has been, that you my most devoted raeders might well have though that Mjerh¥se he kidnapped & being held hostage by teh Templars was!!!1! But no, that it did not happen. Murise teh Templar hostage takers outsmartinated.

Well, teh truht is that Mjerwse he so busy been has that he a wobleg post has not time to post had. AND yet, he now in His Castle in spain is, so now he a wobleg post can write.

Well , mes amis , Mhirrwse now a nother castle in Italia owns. THIS one, it a TEMPLAR castel in Purugia, Umbria is:

And it much pretty is. But of more importance, are teh hidden Tunnels and rooms, which of Templar secrets and documents filled must be!! As SOON as M. Aglie can to Italy get once again, we will through these secret passageways explorinate. Mhyrwise, he sertain is that many Templar plot related secrets they uncover will.

But now, he injoying his castel in Spain is, ANd it much beautiful is. This one, it one of teh porperties that he from his Rich Unlcle Pedro also inheritinated.

Well, it not all fun&gmames is, despoite what it might like look! Next week, he will to Australiaiaialai flyinate, to chase up teh possibility of a Templar group in Melbourne <-- wish Mjerîse luck wiht this difficult & dangerous mision!. Then he a few weeks in Paris, Australialai will spend to rst&relax.

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