Monday, 25 May 2009


Mes amis, it looks like once again the greate geynius of Mjérhwse has triumphed once again!! Eh bien, it is true mon ami, it looks like Mwrwyse he has an ENTIRE SECRET SOCIETY foolinated. Yes! He tricked them into thinking that he to them has Anceint Secret Templar Knowleedge them gived.

At teh moment he in his NEW apratment in New York is but wonce he this wobleg post has wrotten, he will point his web borwser to and hairyplane tockets buyinate.

Oh noes!!! The tickets of First class (La Première) costinate €7,490 !! This, it much more than the frist class tockets of Atterrissage Forcé Ultra-Premium Executive First Class (wihc only cost €5.99) - -
but - - Mjîrwose he thinks after such a greayte victory,, he himslef can give a bit of a treat. JUST as a wonce off.

Also teh hairyplanes of Air France are much better than those of Atterissage Forcé --

Photo of Atterrissage Forcé plane
Photo by Rob Sinclair
and that quite a treat will be!! A whole flight without an engine catching fire!!!1!

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