Sunday, 10 May 2009

Muirise in his Argentinian ranch!!!1!

Mes amsi!!! Mjrise he is in his country estadia RIGHT NOW, and it much beautiful is!! There many many acres of prime farming land is, and the money that this it gives will for Mjorése wery helpful be. BUT of MORE interast to Mjørøse is teh grand old hosue, wihc a hughe rambling 19th century building is, wiht many fine and beautiful romes. Also, teh garden it most beautiful is.

Mes amis, also Mürüse he was a new car to buyinate himslef going to , when he told was that he a 1972 RollS Royce Silver Shadow Had inheritinated. Here a photos is that Müorjosw he took when he stopped for a walk in a park on his way down (Up? SIdeways?) from Bueneos Aires was:

Eh bien, it a most beuaitiful car is, and Mirose he it much likes.

Eh bien, Miorrorose he will now at his Estancia for a few more days stayinate, then he will on Wednesday to Buenos Aires once again drivinate, to MEET Aglie for the secret meeting most secret!!!

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