Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Woe is Meuwrose!

Muirrhyse, he is not certain what to do! The catatsorophy most catistrofieck that Muiirhyse has it, it is catatatstroetirophic! Even for such a great geynisu as Muirrhuse, he not certain what to do is!

Mes amis, he is not certain which of his hosues in Europe to sellinate. Maybe he should his new castel in Italy keep, at least from this he can some muney make by selling teh wine and teh olives that he will at this new hosue grow. But what of his apartment most beautiful in Paris? Or his chateau in teh south of France! Oh mes amis, it really is too much for Murrrowse to bear!!

Also, he will have to his new Lamborghini most beleoved trade in for
another Lada. And all his other cars, he will them have to sellinate too!

Also, who will pay for his new book to be published? It is not cheap, mes amis! Le publisher de Maurice, M. Garamond, is wery suportive of teh great geynisu that is Muirrowse, but even so he must Muaerowse much muney charge to his books publish -- that is publishing, mes amis, that is publishing.

Eh bien, do not worrry my raeders. Muirrhowse will of something thinkk -- do not worry yourselfs! It may be a hard challenge, but MUIEAEROWYESE is a great GEYNIUS. ANd a GREAT GEYNIUS as that CAN DO ANYTHING!!

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