Saturday, 28 March 2009

Finally arrivinated in Sidney

Well, Muirrhyse has arrivinated in Australia after again fllying with Atterrissage Forcé. Well, wonce again Muirrhyse he killer jet lag has!!

First, eh went to pick up his Maserati Quatrroporte, and tehn to his apartment new in Sydney went to drive. But alas! This proved harder than previously anticipated.

Muirhyse, he sat down in teh drivers seet. But he much confused was! There was no steering wheeel, no pedals, no speed o meter or rev o meter dials, NOTHING mes amis!!! Then, after much thought and reading the entire owners manual, Muirowse he noticed that all of this, it was on the right hand seet! THEN he rembered, this, this is where these things are stored in Australiaian cars!! Lucky Muirhyse such a great geynius is, or there no hope for him would have been!

Once Muirrhyse had this figured out, he could drive to his new apartment which JUST near teh Opera Hosue is.

Well, Muirrhyse he decideded to the Eastern Distributor road take. But alas!! The drivers here, they know not how to drive! Even on teh motor way he kept meeting lots of oncoming traffic -- they kept trying to drive on teh left hand side of teh road!!! Still, at least teh Sidneysiders much glad to meet Murrhose were -- they kept blowing their horns in greeting at him, as he down teh motor way crusied at a leisurely 180km/h. (Leisurely,, except for Muuirese having to dodge all teh oncoming traffic -- drive on the right, peoples!).

Well, he in his new apratment now is, and it much beautiful is mes amis!! He wery pleased with it is. Tomororw he picks up his Jaguar XKR, and meets this lawyer to sign the documents that will get Muirrhyse his inheritance and saveinate him!!

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