Friday, 31 October 2008

Visiting mon ami Aglie

Mes amis, last night Murise his good freind Agliè once again visitinated. Well, he much glad again to see his good freind was. And this time Aglie, he was with Maerowse happy as this time Murowse the Calvados brought!!!

Well, we of many things talked. Oddly, Aglie he was wery keen to about this secret map of the Templar castle which Murrise he had lied and said he had much keen to about find out. Muirose claimed that it maybe had been losted when Muaeroçe his house was burgalinated.

Oddly, Aglie he did not with this explanation happy seem. He did not Muirose the genius believe! Just because Maurose lying is, is no reason not to believe him! He a geynius is, after all!!! Mon ami Aglie, he started to say "But the map, it was not there when I broke in t--", and then Aglie, he stopped. Murise wonders what Aglie was going to say, and why he continue did not. Most odd, mes amis, most odd.

Eh bien, Muirowwse has a greayte surprise for his raeders most loyal soon, and will them of it tell soon. Keep reading , mes amis!!!!!!!!!

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