Sunday, 26 October 2008

Back again in Armidale France!!!

Wow! Muarise he is back again in his hosue & Home. This time WITH his toothbrush electric. It most invaluable was!! It helped him from vampires escape, and he even was able to it use to fix the car when Muraises car its engine did not want to work! AND he can with it his teeth brush!

Well, he is looking forward to seeing Aglie in a few days time. Muirose and Aglie, they much exciting things will ahve to discuss!!! Muarose will the Calvados bring.

But first, he must a map of his joruney his raeders most loyal show:

Agrandir le plan

WoWW! THat was not the shortest route, as Muarose he was hoping it would be!!! Next time, he will have to not the road signs ignore. And MAYBE he should a GPS himself buy!!!

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