Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Maerhese in Paerese (again!)

Well mes amis the great geynius Muawrise is again once again in Paris!! He got to France back yesterday, and was much happy to be there.

Alas, his flightt back took seven days rather than the 52 hours it intended to take was meant to, because the Atterrissage Forcé pilot he wonce again got wery lost, and took long time to France find. Then he in Paris not Armidale France landed!

Still, Mwrwse in Paris is glad to be back, and he the flight over is glad that it is. Now he just has to overcome his KILLER JET LAG. I mean, mes amis, THIS is WORSE than last time! After all, mes amis, LAST TIME the flight only 78 HOURS took! This time it 172 hours took!!!1!

Eh bien. Muwryse will now have a few days to spend enjoying life in Paris France, in his apartment most beautitufl on Rue Mouffetard. Then He to Armidale France will drive. First he a new car must buy. Maybe he a Bugatti Veyron will buy. He has these read nice cars are.

Yes. That like a nice car looks. And Muaerise he still some of the spare credit cards he borrowed earlier from the Capitan of the SS Cado still has. Maybe he will a Bugatti as a welcome home present himself buy,


Ratatoskr said...

ach Veyron is being sold for €1,100,000 (net price without taxes); prices vary by exchange rates and local taxes (like value added taxes). Prices for the UK or the US are over £800,000, or around $1,600,000.

€1.1million, eh? Glad it's not my credit card that loonies got! What next?

Yours nuttily,

Ratatoskr Squirrel

Capt Jerrold von Obiwankanobe, Captain, S.S. Cado said...

MAURICE!!! I said to STOP using my credit cards! What part of this don;t you get!