Sunday, 19 October 2008

Retreiving the toothbrush, mes amis!!

WELL, mes amis, Murrhyse in valencia once again is mes amis. AND what a traumatic day most traumatic Mierose he had!

Firstly, he to the hotel where Muarise the genius he had stayede. And alas! They had his room cleaned out, and they they said that if a toothbrush had there been then it probably thrown out was had been!!

Murrise he was livid. He never his temper loses, he always the model of calm & Compusure is. Still, he for something to throw at the receptionist looked. He pulled something out of his bag and it at the receptetionist threw. Sacre bleu! It Murhyse his electric toothbrush was! It it in his bag all along was! Murrhyse he overjoyed was!! Alas, he had the receptionist knocked out, so he hhad to his toothbrush retrieve and a retreat most rapid make.

Lucky his car new much fast is, he got in and to Valencia much fast drove! Tomoororw he the ferry to italy must get. Wish him luck mes amis!!

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