Saturday, 18 October 2008

Home again. Maybe, ??

Well, Maerse he back from his drive is now. Er. he a little lost got, maybe just a little. Still, it a wery fun drive was. Mairwse he the lada took, and most disappointed he was that it not as good as Murrhyse his Bugatti Veyron was.

AS is the tradition most magnifique, here the map de Mauriceses journey is:

Agrandir le plan

Well, Maurise back to be in his house & Home much happy is. ALso, he needs to get started on his job new.

OH NO! Quelle catastrophe!! Mes amis! Muarhsyse he has just noticed! He lost his toothbrush!

Now, he convinced is that he in the hotel in lisboa left it. Now Murwse must again to Portugal go to reclaim his toothbrush! He not a moment to loose has! He must this post and then to the Mauricemobile rush!!!!

This time he will the Bugatti take though mes amis...

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