Sunday, 17 August 2008

Arrived in Australia!!

Well, of course mes amis merrhuse he arrived in Australia some days ago! He on the 3rd August AD 2008 set out, and now it is the 17th. Mes amis, Muaruse he did not his raeders most devoted in suspense want to keep, but he jet lag most terrible had!

The plane flight, it was than last time much better. The flight, it took 78 hours -- it only 52 hours was meant to take but the pilot he got lost and a few rwong turnings took. Eh bien, it was good to in Sydney hair port finally touch down. But after a flight so long Murrhyse he killer jet lag had!

Mes amis, Murrhuse then to Paris in Australia drive. It was a long drive, and Muiryse he kept falling asleep at the wheel. This, it was not good! Even with Maurhyse his built-in in-car espresso machine he could not keep up enough with enough espresso coffe to Muarwse him keep awake. SO he along the way in Bruges, Australia had to stop. Well, at least now Muirrhyse he a new iPHONE for Maerhose his Australian mobile phone account has, having one in Bruges bought.

After this braek, Murruse he to Paris Australia drove on. He then the next few days in his home spent recovering from Jet Lag.

Mes amis, would you beleive that Muawruse the first phone call on his Australian iPHoNe 3G new was from his friend new mon ami Agliè? And yet, mes amis, it was so. He seemed most agitated, and wanted to know if a map of a secret templar castle muairuse he had claimed to have could Aglié he borrow from Muarhsye? Alas, Murarise this map does not really have. Myuarise is too clever to this admit though. Mourise he told Agl~eie that it in his house in Armidale France had it left. I wonder if he Moiruse believes...

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