Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Burried Treasure!!!!!

Mes amis, it is true! Mawrose he has in his garden found a buried treasure. Eh bien, he was last night in his jardin walking wehn he upon a treasure chest stumbled. "That it is strange" he to himself thought "Maooroise he wonders what this it could be?" So Moawruse he opened the chest, and it full of gold coins and goblets and coronets and necklaces and other such treasures was full.

Well, Maireuse he was of course most excited. He this treasure into the house took. He will of course an Auction house rign soon, he want s to sell this Traesure for much money to help him by all the stuff Mawroseh he wants. Maybe he can that Rembranddt painting he has his eye on had buy now.

In any case, this must be the best discoverie Maerose he has ever stumbled acrosssss MeS AMis!

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