Saturday, 28 June 2008

Inadaquate food

Mes amis, Meaerowse has been lost in the woods for he knows not how long, walking and walking hoping that he would his château most beautitufl again find eventually. But alas, it was not to be. Maurhise he has not his way home found. 

He has been eating blackberriess and mushrooms and acorns and believe me, mes amis, they are no substitues for the wonders Murrhuse his chef can whip up in le kitchen! Last night he was reduced to eating a caesar salad he found in a hollow log, wiht only blackforest gateau that he in a hollow tree trunk found for desert.

Also, Miuriçe thinks that he has the chameleon seen a couple of times. This is most distristressing, not good mes amis.

Eh bien, Muawruse is sure that he will home again get wery soon. Moiurse is a geynius, and for a GEYNIUS such as him NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!! NOTHING, mes amis!!!!!!

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