Sunday, 29 June 2008

Found at last!

MES AMIS!!!! Mawrise has just noticed that his new iphonE 3G, it has GPS! And maps! And GPS! And maps! Saved, Maerowse is saved!

Hmm... lets see, amis, where is Maerowse? Le IPHONE, it is just now getting a fix on le sattelitles so it can Mawurse tell where he is. Ah! There. Marrhose he is near Armidale in Northeast france. Sacre bleu! This cannot be! Maewrise when he went for his walk was at his chateau in the south of France!! How could he the whole of France have walked accross to get to Armidale without noticing?

Eh bien, Maeurroise he much releived is. It just a short walk to his home in Armidale, France is. Soon he will be home and dry, once again in his Armidael home which he loves wery much mes amis. And hopefully that dratted chameleon is nowhere nearby.

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