Wednesday, 18 June 2008

That Maurice fella. Heh.

Don't think that just because you've not heard from him, Ratatoskr's not been busy. No sir, I've been one busy little squirrel. Indeed I have. Been to Norway, then last week to Iceland and now in Australia for a week. Rained. Not fair. Not fun, fur got wet. But not to worry, never fear Ratatoskr doesn't let some rain stop him! No sir, had some messages to deliver but done that now. Now got time to rest & relax. Or at least race around looking for acorns and dodging Wagner.

But that Maurice character! Now he has a new iPhone he keeps wanting to ring Ratatoskr up. Phone keeps ringing, every ten minutes. All but two times its been that Maurice fella. Maybe should answer it some time. He might even have something important to say. That'd be a change, eh?

Still. More important stuff to worry about. Like acorns. And hazelnuts. And acorns. And peanuts. And acorns. Ooops, there goes the phone again. Just Maurice. Let's all just pretend I'm not here, eh?

Yours nuttily,
Ratatoskr Squirrel.

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